Are we becomming disconnected as a culture? I watch as hundreds of people scurry to class, most of them with their iPods on or talking on their cellphones. People no longer talk to each other, especially to strangers. I notice this as someone who is guilty of it myself. How many times have I sat on the bus beside someone with my headphones and completely ignored the person. Oddly enough, my first year at PSU I met a kid, who I never learned his name, at the bus stop. We must have had class in the same building and waited everyday for the bus after class. We would talk for a good twenty minutes and it was something I honestly enjoyed. It would be nice to see more people be friendly and just say hello to the random people beside you, trust me, it cannot hurt. I want everyone to talk to a random person this week, whether it be on the bus, in class, walking on campus/in town, or even in line at the ATM machine.

3 thoughts on “Disconnection

  1. I don’t know about State College, but I find that headphones or cell phones are a godsend in Pittsburgh. I don’t want to have to talk to some shaggy, homeless, toothless guy wearing shorts and a trenchcoat and nothing else while I’m waiting for my bus…I prefer to be disconnected to people of his kind.

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