Fetus or Feti?

I will never understand why people get so bent out of shape about abortion. Outside my apartment right now are a bunch of guys yelling about how abortion is murder. As they yell, random girls will start fighting with them about it being their body, their choice. I really do not think guys should be out fighting the abortion battle. I am probably in the minority here, but that is okay with me. I see no point in arguing for or against abortion. I will never have one. How can I tell some girl that she is wrong for having one? And lets be honest here for a second, if you are Pro-Choice, and some guy comes up and starts yelling “ABORTION IS MURDER!”, does that make you go, “oh, I have been wrong, I will change my beliefs.”??? NO, you probably think to yourself, why the hell is this lunatic allowed out in the street? I guess my point is, stop protesting, stop trying to get your message out there. You will not change people’s beliefs and you will definitely not motivate me to become involved in either side’s campaign.

Well I think I will go back outside and listen some more, or maybe ask them if they have any recipes for a good Fetus pasta…

6 thoughts on “Fetus or Feti?

  1. I don’t believe women should use abortion as a method of birth control. That is totally wrong. But if a woman or child is raped and becomes pregnant it should be her choice to keep the child or to abort it. Men should have no say in the matter of abortion at all. The day a man gets pregnant and goes through the birth experience he then can have a say. Until then let women argue the issue!!

  2. This does not seem to bother me if women use it as a form of birth control. There are too many children on this planet to begin with. Do we need more kids living on the street?

  3. no we don’t need more children living on the streets but there are a lot of couples out there who are desperate to adopt a child.

  4. I have not checked into the numbers on this, and if anyone wants to correct me, that’s cool, but I would guess that the number of abortions per year far outweighs the number of couples looking to adopt per year.

  5. I myself would be interested in those numbers.I truly believe there are more families looking to adopt. You probably have young teenagers and college girls aborting so they don’t disappoint “mom and dad” Adoption is a very dificult process.Many children go homeless or to orphanages because the system sucks.There are people I work with who have been trying to adopt for the last 5 yrs with no luck. My theory is this: if you cannot bring a child into this world and raise it without it being on the access card, then get on birth control and stop bringing children into the world that will follow in your path.

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