You have to love the joys of TiVo. I got home at 9:30, watched the Saints/Falcons game, and then watched Heroes without commercials. To begin, I must say I absolutely loved the show. I enjoy that it is starting off a little bit slow in order to let us get to know the characters. I think so far my favorite character is Claire, the Texas chick who can regenerate. Characters like her are always interesting, they can learn to endure so much pain knowing it will heal, but it does not change the fact they still feel the pain. Look at Wolverine, he has no problems letting his skin get burnt off even though it hurts like hell. Also she has that insecurity of being popular and being afraid of becoming a freak. It also does not hurt that she is hot. Speaking of hot, Ali Larter, mmmm. Wonder what her powers are? Does her son have super intelligence? A mom and son duo, could be interesting. I am guessing her powers are some kind of rage, like the Hulk, but without changing into a big monster.

This show does not seem like any comics out there at the moment, but has a feel of Rising Stars. It will be interesting to see if and how the show will try to break from that mold. I only hope they can come up with some different super powers, there are so many things that one can explore, but more writers like to stick with invulnerability, flight, strength, invisibility, and so on.

The next question is who are the evil bad guys? The government, some corporation? Who knows, my guess the government. A group inside the government who does not want to see the next step of evolution occur.

Anyways, I would like people to comment on the episode, do not just say “I liked it!” or what not. Give me your opinions, your predictions. I will try to comment after each episode, as well as after Lost and maybe other shows.

7 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. When I watched the Broncos/Patriots game, I almost got annoyed with how many previews they showed for Heroes. But, I did watch it, and I hafta say, it was awesome. This is the first show since Entourage (and before that: OZ) that I can’t wait for the next episode.

    I’m not sure who my favorite character is just yet. Claire (Hayden Pane. I just hate how she seems to hate her new abilities because she’s afraid she’ll lose popularity, or something like that. She is very hot, though, especially for a 17-year-old (in real life, and probably on the show, too). Me and Joe always said she’d be hot someday back when she was 11 and played Coach Yost’s bull-headed daughter in Remember the Titans. It’s just too bad she’s supposedly dating Stephen from Laguna Beach; he’s in my list of Top 10 Most Hated Celebrities, which by the way, will be coming soon.

    Anyway, enough about Claire/Hayden. I thought that her dad being the same guy trying to seek out these “extraordinary” people was a cool twist. I wonder how long it will take for him to figure out that she’s one of them? I’m guessing in the next episode. It was also cool how he even stepped into Mohinder’s taxi and made the comment about his name and about how his father wasn’t teaching anymore.

    Niki (Ali Larter’s character), I’m not sure about either. When she looked at herself in the mirror, it reminded me of Mr. Hyde looking at himself in the mirror and seeing Dr. Jekyl in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Maybe you’re right, maybe she gets over-taken by rage and sees her “dark” side in her reflection, kinda also like Norman Osbourne in Spider-Man. Another theory, though a bit retarded, is that her reflection is like another person, kinda like Peter Pan’s shadow. Haha, I hope that’s not the case, and I doubt that it is, just throwing it out there. I’m not sure what to think of her son, though. I don’t know if he’s just real smart or has some kind of powers like his dear ol’ momma.

    Speaking of dear ol’ mommas, Nathan and Peter’s mom was quite the bitch, don’t ya think? I didn’t expect Nathan to have powers too, that was another cool twist.

    Finally, as for my favorite characters… I’m not sure yet. I like ’em all. I kinda like Peter and Hiro (Japanese teleporter) just because of their selflessness and the fact that they’ve seemed to get shit on their whole lives. It’s cool to finally see them become “somebodies”.

    I’m excited to see what new characters will be added. On IMDB’s photo gallery, it only shows a couple new faces. Oh, and also on IMDB, it says there’re only seven episodes. I hope not, but that would make sense with it being the first season and all.

  2. Yeah, I agree that Peter and Nathan’s mom was a bit of a hag. In the comic Rising Stars, there is a character who can talk to ghosts, which i thought was incredibly cool. he could find out any secrets because dead people do not care to keep secrets. It would be interesting to have a character like that. I wonder if Claire’s dad already knows, maybe that is why he adopted her???

  3. I was pretty excited about this from the moment I first saw the preview many moons ago. I must say that so far, for me, its lived up to the ridiculously high expectations I reserved for it (kinda like Little Miss Sunshine and the Protector)

    Right off the bat I’ve gotta say that, with regards to Adam’s comment about Ali Larter’s character; I’d actually prefer that her reflection is the one doing all the damage and such. I think that’d be more interesting and have more potential creatively than her being consumed by rage. That rage thing also wouldnt explain the reflective time delay seen throughout the episode. (OK maybe my real reason is that I want her to eventually be able to control the reflection, then make out with it via webcam. Thatd make for a good episode – or 3)

    With regards to the power choices, I think the ones chosen were picked because of their potential to be actual evolutionary events, if that proves to factor into the equation at all. Yeah, it’d be cool to have some original ideas in there (I’m still waiting for “The Competitor”, my idea for a dude thats always one degree better than his competition in any given situation, be it math, fighting, video games, or walking through fire without getting hurt; yeah he has downsides too but I wont mention those lest you defeat him before his time…)

    And I always thought flight was a pretty lame power. Yeah, its good as a secondary ability, but if its your only one, I’m not impressed. At least get a sword or something. Out of all the X-Men in X3, Angel was the only guy whose butt I’m pretty sure I could kick if I had to.

    But I think I’m ranting now. I should probably stop or I’ll be here all night…

  4. I really liked the first episode too.

    Wait…I’m not allowed to leave it at that. On a sidenote though, it’s funny that the brothers are Peter and Nathan, because there are brothers of the same name that live beside my parents…but I don’t think they can fly.

    My question is, can the younger brother (Peter, right?) fly yet? because it really didn’t seem like he was doing too great of a job before his brother caught him. I like how Nathan’s so caught up in his politics that he won’t listen to Peter about being able to fly, when he can himself.

    I like the twist where Claire’s dad is also the one trying to find out more about these extraordinary people. I don’t think he adopted her because he knows about her, because wouldn’t she have known at a younger age that she had this power? Why is it just coming out now? That makes me think that nobody knows about it, including her father. Although, her mom didn’t really react when she said she walked through fire and didn’t get burned. I did almost throw up when she stuck her hand in the garbage disposal though.

    I think I like Hiro the best. Even though he sounds like he just inhaled helium every time he speaks. But I think it’s cool that he’s so excited about his power and up to the challenge of proving it to his friend, whereas Peter is more timid about his. I’m also wondering if the tape with all of Claire’s stunts on it is going to “accidentally” be discovered–like, if that kid drops it at school or something.

    And finally, yes, living on my couch and working at the local EnP is considered a job.

  5. Yea I watched it for the second time tonight, and liked it maybe more than the first time. For some reason I’m not picking up where Peter demonstrates the capability to fly. I got the impression that he THOUGHT he could but it was actually his brother that can. But I dont really know. I think Clair’s dad is well cast, he has a quiet sinisterism about him. Hiro is my favorite, I guess because I can relate since we share the same power. It is now 2 hours earlier than it was when you started reading this, you’re welcome. I actually liked the painter too, whoever actually did paint those is pretty good, definitely sparked my imagination. BUT, the best was the dog eating Clair’s blood, that was awesome, maybe the dog has a superpower too…like putting up with her annoying ass mom. Lastly, I didn’t know ali larter or whatever her name is was that hot, she was decent in Final Destination but when she started stripping at the beginning..well, that almost turned me straight. If anyone wants to get together for a Heros party next week let me know, wait..no that won’t work, hi to Allison and Gideon though, now I know how it feels to leave State College 🙁

    – Offord

  6. Wow, so many people responding. Good to see people read what I write.

    Gideon, the competetive idea is cool (even though we both know you already possess that power), that is actually Wonder Woman’s biggest weakness, Batman exploited in an issue of JLA…Also, Longshot of the X-Men has a cool power, manipulation of chance. Everything that is against all odds always goes in his favor, like jumping off a cliff and surviving…I do hope as you said the powers have some scientific reasoning as being something would be a good adaptation for humans. The problem with the X-Men as of late has been that new mutants powers never seem to be at all useful, or even old x-men, look at Cyclops, how useful is it to blast beams out of your eyes if you cannot see or control them without inventing special ruby-quartz glasses?

    Allison…I do not think Peter can fly, at least not yet, it will also be that brother envy thing, he wanted to fly, but Nathan got the power. Maybe that will lead Peter to become a supervillian, if he gets powers that is…My reasoning for thinking he adopted Claire: because he (or who he works for) knew that a group of children were going to be born and become different. If it is one of those things where everything is connected, it will not be a coincidence that the bad guy adopted one of the children who would eventually grow up to be powerful, I guess this is my first prediction for the show. Also, Kacie about puked when she stuck her hand in the disposal as well, you were not alone. And score for me living on your couch.

    Offord…I would imagine whoever painted and did the issues for the comic, is also the guy who does the storyboarding for the show, or at least the penciller. Usually colors in comics and sometimes storyboards and paintings can be added by a colorist, but I can look into it when i have some time. And yes, Ali Larter is hot, watch Varsity Blues, whip cream bikini yummy…

  7. I still hold to the idea that Claire’s dad doesn’t know. Maybe that tool will drop the tape somewhere and Claire’s dad will find it, and then there will be a whole thing with him trying to find out more about her without her knowing. I like the idea of Peter becoming a supervillain though. And yeah, Offord, leaving State College is sad. Where the flip are you now?

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