New Orleans

I wanted to make a few comments about the Saints game, but got sidetracked. It was great to see the city so alive after everything it has been through. Kacie and I have been talking about going somewhere on vacation, and maybe Stef going too. I would like to take a trip down to New Orleans. Last time I was there I was all alone and had a great time, this time I would like to share it with some friends. The people are by far the friendliest I have met in any city, aside from in Jordan/Egypt. If anyone thinks it would be fun to take a trip down sometime, let me know.

4 thoughts on “New Orleans

  1. Gideon, you are definitely in. Rajan, you are definitely out. I had one road trip with you and that was enough, you take up way too much space in a car, BUT it would be HILARIOUS to see Gideon put another cigarette out on your head.

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