No More Best Buy Service Plans!

Best Buy Service Plan Sucks

A few weeks ago my mp3 players screen cracked. It was in my bag and i think i set something on it. I took it to Best Buy because when I purchased it, the salesperson convinced me to get the service plan. I remember him saying how if anything happens to it, even if the manufacturer will not fix it, or replace, then best buy would give me money for a new one. It’s why I shelled out the extra $50 for the plan. Well, when I went in, the Geek Squad Dude looks at it and says it looked like it had been dropped and that best buy, nor Iriver would fix it or give me a new one. I remember the guy saying if you drop it or whatnot, it would be covered, but in actuality that was a big fat lie. Well, I will no longer be purchasing the stupid service plan for anything else I buy, and I figured I should let the rest of you know too, so you do not waste your money.

3 thoughts on “No More Best Buy Service Plans!

  1. a lesson learned the hard way. never purchase a service plan,company’s always find a way not to replace the item.

  2. this does not constitute legal advice.

    but you should bring that contract to the wedding with you…
    cause his verbal promise and your reliance on it would probably be promissory estoppel, and they would have to replace it, even if it is not covered by the contract.

    you’d probably find someone who would take that for free, and try to make it a class action…

    feel free to call or discuss this saturday

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