Baseball Predictions

Back when I had my livejournal, I wrote about my baseball predictions for this year. I predicted the NL pretty much on. I nailed the Mets and Cards, and I said the Dodgers would win the west, which was sort of right. The AL East I called, in fact I predicted the Red Sox would not make the playoffs and finish behind Toronto. I muffed up the central, I figured the ChiSox would repeat, oops. AL West, well I completely bungled that one, i said: Rangers, Angels, A’s, Mariners. In actuality it was: A’s, Angels, Rangers, Mariners. Okay so not as bad as I thought, I just mixed up the A’s and Rangers.

Speaking of divisions I thought were better than they ended up: NL Central. I predicted Cards, Cubs, Astros, Buccos, Brewers, Reds….At least I got the cardinals right. It finished Cardinals, Astros, Reds, Brewers, Pirates, Cubs. Oh well, I had high hopes for the Pirates, my bad.

Predictions for the NLCS: Mets 4 Cards 2
ALCS: A’s 4 Tigers 3
World Series: Mets 4 A’s 3

Let me know your playoff thoughts…

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  1. I have followed the Pirates faithfully since I was a small child, and I will continue following them through the gates of hell and beyond. Sadly I will probably never see them in the world series during my lifetime, but I THINK that I am okay with that…

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