Fantasy Football Part Zwei

My team has lost it’s last 3 games, dropping me to 2-3. It annoys me because I should be doing so much better. I have a feeling it will pick up, how long can two No. 2 receivers continue to keep the ball out of my receivers’ hands? I have Chad Johnson and Muhsin Muhammad. Unfortunately those two are getting extra coverage and that leaves Housemanzadah (I have no clue how to spell it, forgive me) and Barrian open. Eventually that has to change, I cannot picture teams continuing to let TJ and Barrian open for so many big plays.

On my running back side, I have Tiki Barber, who has not been very reliable this season, but that might change. I picked up Marion Barber III who seems to get about a TD per game, my other RB is Maroney, but NE has a bye week. In my W/R slot, I threw in SF’s A.Bryant. Shockey is my tight end, let’s hope Manning can find him on the field…

Carolina’s defense has been a huge disappointment so far, but last week they looked quite tough and maybe they can turn it around and start getting me more than 7 points per week.

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