Heroes Part 2

The second episode just ended. Still not sure about Niki’s power yet. I still think my idea that Claire’s dad knew all along about her power, or that her power would someday develop is right on. Remember this show has that big conspiracy feel to it, so him adopting a child they thought would grow up with powers makes sense.

I wonder who Syler is and what his powers are? Is he like Iceman and eats brains? I was thinking about the ways Hiro could manipulate his powers and it started to blow my mind. If he can bend space-time that makes him extremely dangerous. For example, if you fire a gun at him, he could stop time and move the shooter in front of the bullet. I am sure Gideon can come up with even crazier ideas.

The chick that is helping out the doctor was also in the movie Brick, she is pretty hot. Sorry that is random, but just thought I would let you all know.

So Peter and Nathan can both fly, but maybe they can only fly when in proximity to each other (although Peter said in last episode that when he wakes up his foot hovers…)

The cop was cool, of all the powers to have, I would love to be able to read minds, especially if you can really probe someone’s mind. Unfortunately for the cop he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He will sound crazy if he says he can read minds, but if he does not say it they believe him to be Syler.

Anyways, lets have some discussion on the show, and remember only 2 days until Lost!

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  1. Well, I agree with ya on a few things, Joshy:

    1. I also think Claire’s dad somehow knew about her powers. At least I hope so. I’d hate the idea that he’s the bad guy out looking to stop/kill these “extraordinary” people and by total coincidence he just so happened to have adopted one of them. I don’t think that’s the case, though. I mean, he didn’t seem too upset after their little heart-to-heart. I’m sure if he wouldn’t have known who she was or what she would someday be capable of, he would’ve showed at least a LITTLE emotion instead of making a heartless, typical bad guy comment. Ya know?

    2. The Indian guy’s neighbor, the girl from Brick, is pretty hot, but she looked better in Brick with long hair.

    3. And I’d wanna have the cop’s mind-reading ability, too. If not his, Hiro’s. But being able to read minds would be awesome. It would take a little while getting used to knowing what people were really thinking, especially about you, but, I’d manage. Being able to read minds could make ya a lot of money and get ya a lot of girls. Being able to teleport/bend space-time could make ya even more money, but it wouldn’t get ya the girls. Or would it??? Having more money might get ya more girls… hmmm..?

    A couple things I disagree with:

    1.I don’t think that it’d be that hard to prove you could read minds. And, once proven, don’t ya think the cops would be happy to have him on the force? That’s a pretty valuable player to have on your team, if ya know what I mean. Or, d’ya think they’d worry too much and have him killed or locked up?

    2. I don’t think that Peter and Nathan’s powers only work if they’re in certain proximity of one another. You mentioning Peter’s foot hovering, being one of the reasons. I kinda think that Nathan knew of his power, or was possibly having the same dreams. Learning you can fly would be pretty damn overwhelming, and he didn’t seem too overwhelmed. I wonder if they do have some kind of ability to sense if the other’s in danger, though? Because in last week’s episode, Peter said that he knew about Nathan’s accident before anyone even called…

    Some random thoughts/comments:
    – I hate how Claire’s high school is the typical TV/movie high school (cheerleaders date the jocks, both hate the nerds, anyone popular refuses to be seen with anyone below their status) Are there high schools actually like that? Gideon? Allison? Jason? Cuz Philipsburg sure as hell isn’t.
    – The kick Mohinder received from the cable guy or whoever was a bit extreme… I just kinda shook my head there.
    -I hate the cop’s partner, the blonde lady. This is really random, I know, but I also hated her in The Faculty and She’s All That. Sad, yes, but the hate remains.
    – I wonder why the deceased are missing their brains? Do ya think whoever killed them took them to study? Or something like that… ?
    -Gideon, I liked your idea about Niki’s reflection doing all the damage, and I thought maybe you were right, but I don’t know now. If her reflection was responsible for everything, why did she black out for 4 hours? I think she’s schizo (pronounced skits-o, Raj). But if it is her and not her reflection, that would throw any hope of an erotic webcam fantasy scene right out the window, so let’s keep hoping for the reflection to be a whole other person.

    Oh, and finally, Josh, I figured out what that song was from last week’s episode: Rogue Wave – “Eyes”. I’ve never heard of ’em, but they have a lot of songs. Eyes was in Just Friends soundtrack and they also have songs in Napoleon Dynamite and The OC. The montage with that song was pretty awesome, too, I thought.

  2. This episode was pretty good. It answered some questions, while creating some all new ones. I probably won’t remember all of the things from either category, so just disregard that statement.

    First off, I find it funny that both you guys mentioned Brick. I bought that movie the day it came out on DVD and still havent seen it. I actually forgot I even had it. I guess I should schedule a viewing at some point.

    Back to the episode, I’m pretty sure that Claire’s dad knows just about everything there is to know about, and im going out on a limb here, every single character on the show. but im guessing they wont really go to deep into explaining how he got this info. (im pretty sure a grown man couldnt rummage through a kids bag or locker in my high school without someone saying something)

    Who besides me thinks that Niki’s kid is the result of some tryst with Mohinder and/or his dad?

    I firmly stand by my assumption that Niki’s “reflection” is the one doing the damage. Yeah, there is the whole losing time thing, but I’m willing to let that slide. I’m thinkin that plot she drove to is some massive common grave holding all the victims of said reflection. And frankly, I dont think schizophrenia is a power.

    Regarding Claires high school, yeah, I dont think thats how people really act at all. But tv/movie writers are pretty dumb when it comes to stuff like that.

    It seemed like the painter guy bought it there at the end. Not sure if he’s truly gonna get killed off before the seasons over, but his powers are seeming less and less useful to me. I mean, if he can only predict the future when smacked out, thats not very useful at all. Maybe he should just have his brains eaten.

    Theres more I need to write, like what I would do with control over time and space, but I have to go back to work now…

  3. The explosion at the end, well it happens in November, so Hiro and the painter guy have about one month to find the other Heroes and prevent it. Hiro’s trip to the future will definitely help the painter (Isaac is his name, thank you IMDB) prove his point.

    And yes having money can get you girls, sorry to any ladies reading this, but there are way too many girls out there looking for some rich guy to take care of them. I think Kanye West wrote a song about it.

    That highschool thing is definitely one of those stereotypes that I have never seen either, but then we both went to P-O. In Brick it seemed like they pulled away from the idea a little bit, showing that everyone in highschool is just messed up on drugs, but I think that was a little exteme. Although I did love when the football player who must have sucked kept hyping himself up and saying how the coach was screwing him over…Sorry everyone, this is about Heroes, not Brick, my bad.

    Clea DuVall, I thought she was kind of hot in the Faculty, which was a Robert Rodriguez movie, I did not know that until just now.

    I am in the process of downloading some of their songs, I will let you know what I think.

  4. Gideon you posted that while I was writing my response. Remember Isaac dies in November, so there will be time for he and Hiro to prevent A) Isaac’s death and B) the end of NYC (which would be useful for you since you live there.)

    I also bought Brick when it came out and did not watch it for like 3 weeks, then I finally did and was pretty amazed by it. Definitely check it out. Damn it, this is not a Brick post! Oh well, if anyone wants to discuss Brick just keep on commenting here.

  5. Alright, alright, I get your point about Claire’s dad knowing about her powers and adopting her because of it.

    What is Brick?? I think this chick is suspicious….she just shows up in the hallway outside Mohinder’s apartment, with a gun. AND she knows everything that his dad was doing, but can she really prove that they were friends? or is she in on something with Claire’s dad…

    I think it would be incredibly easy to prove that you could read minds. I just think that nobody would accept the cop, whether they believed him or not. Nobody wants to be around someone who can constantly tell what you’re thinking. I mean, he’d be helpful as a cop but who would want to work with him?

    Oh–my high school was kinda like that. Nobody used other people the way Claire and that guy were doing…but my high school was really clique-y and some of those people still are. It wasn’t quite as extreme though.

    I do agree with Gideon that the rest of the bodies in that grave Niki found are her other victims. I don’t believe that her kid is the result of a tryst involving Mohinder and/or his father though because they are Indian and the kid looks half-black to me. But what do I know? But if he’s so smart, why doesn’t he ask his mom why their house got destroyed or why she’s driving a car that’s not hers or why they’re driving out into the middle of the desert?

    Wouldn’t it be weird if Isaac’s girlfriend was the one freezing people and stealing their brains?

  6. I guess what I mean when I said it would not be easy to prove you can read minds is that someone like Clea DuVall’s character could just choose not to believe him, no matter what thoughts he pulls from his head. Or she could just ignore it and arrest him anyway to be off the case.

    Brick is an excellent modern day crime noir film, set in a highschool with the kid who played on 3rd Rock From the Sun. It centers around drugs, a death, and highschool.

    I do like the idea that Isaac’s girlfriend (Simone, right) could be the mysterious Syler.

    The chick did not just show up with a gun, the guy who attacked Mohinder dropped it and she picked it up before Mohinder could.

    Also, in today’s X-Men comics Kitty Pryde usually where’s jeans and a tight t-shirt with the X logo on it as does Jean Grey, but her’s has the Phoenix logo on it. Sometimes the X-Men drop the costumes and just wear whatever, especially Wolverine, he is more of a jeans, leather jacket, and a cowboy hat kind of guy.

  7. Hey typo. I love it.

    I think it’s possible that Isaac’s girlfriend is the braineater. I can’t remember her name but she’s about the only main character that’s not discovered any powers yet, so maybe.

    Are you sure about the girl and the gun? I swear the guy who attacked Mohinder dropped a really small black gun and then this chick pulled a big silver gun out of nowhere.

    So now I have to go look for an X-men tshirt?

  8. dammit… i had another long post typed out then our internet was down and when i re-opened my browser my post was gone… i don’t feel like re-typing it right now… i just stood around for our dart night for the past few hours, but i’ll try to get that post back up before monday

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