Heroes Part 3

Sorry everyone who was desperately waiting for my post about this episode. I TiVo’d it and then watched it this afternoon. Can I just say the quality of NBC’s signal in this area is terrible. Has anyone else noticed it?

This episode has been my favorite so far. The cop was able to prove his mental skills to Clea DuVall, in fact it seemed fairly easy. She should have forced him to pull numbers out of her head, that would work better.

We still have no clue who the mysterious Syler is. But, it looks like we got a glimpse of his power, or powers. First we saw mind control, then either flight or teleportation. Maybe he eats the brains of his victims in order to gain their ability? It sounds a bit crazy, but in many sci-fi series (I know I am going way out on a limb here) some species of aliens (usually lizard-like) can eat the flesh of an enemy and become more like them. Okay I doubt that he is an alien lizard, but you get my point, whenever he eats their brains he gains their memories and their abilities. I am not putting all of my eggs in that basket yet, but it is the only theory I’ve got.

Claire almost gets raped. I was a little shocked as that was going on. I thought that was bold for NBC on a 9:00 show. But, I guess attempted rape and murder are okay at the 9:00 spot, just as long as there is no penetration. Can you imagine when the M.E. (medical examiner) pulls that stick out of her head and she comes back to life, what could that possibly be like for her? Is she basically just unconscious? Or does she die and visit the afterlife? These are all things to consider as we move along this series. Do you think the M.E. will shit himself when he comes back in and she’s like “umm, hey, mind unpinning me from the table?” We see in the preview next week that she tries to wreck the car with the QB in it. Revenge is always cool, except that she will feel bad and decide she must help people with her power. Or become one super hot villian.

Niki. Well nothing really happened with her. We learn what the ring was and that maybe her husband killed all the men in the dessert or she killed them all and framed her husband, either way that still tells us squat about her powers.

Peter and Simone hooking up, kind of cool, but does that mean Isaac may get jealous and go after him? I doubt it. Hiro calling Isaac was kind of funny, since he was speaking a million words per minute. The ending with Hiro and Ando going to Las Vegas means we get to see our first team up. Hopefully this will finally explain Niki’s powers. Also we get to see Ando drool all over Niki.

Did anyone notice who the writer of the show was? Jeph Loeb. He is a very big comic book writer and the consultant/one of the producers for Smallville. My only concern with him writing the show is it may get too comic bookish.

Anyways, as always I want to hear what you think.

7 thoughts on “Heroes Part 3

  1. This is Offord (since i cant seem to remember my log in and dont care)..

    Heroes is freaking amazing. I’ve never been this impressed with anything on tv; it’s like a great movie except..well longer obviously. I get pissed each week that it’s over, but oh well, builds the suspense. I’ve been lucky because I’ve been working Monday nights, but it’s available to download on Morpheus, surpringly. Anyway, I think the Hiro and his follies are hilarious, I defintely look forward to his parts each week. Niki’s situation is pretty slow so far, hopefully that will pick up. What happened to the mind reader in the bar? It looked like that black guy got in his head or something, but I wasn’t sure. Maybe it was just Syler fucking with him from somewhere else, since he seems to have every other power. I thought the raping was a bit hokie and predictable. Like any high school jock would rape one of the most popular girls in school, come on. So that’s my only complaint with this episode, but I’m sure it was necessary to facillitate the story. Sort of reminds of Anakin’s situation with Padamei, but hopefully Claire doesnt’ turn to the ‘dark side’. The whole Peter situation has been sort of slow and predictable too, but I have a feeling that one’s going to pick up fast. It’s only going to get better, and I definitely can’t wait til next week.

  2. I would like to comment but Offord just ruined my night mentioning Star Wars so now I have to leave. But before I go, I would like to point out that Emerson (the company that makes In-Sink-Erators) is filing a lawsuit against NBC for creating an “unsavory image” of their product and insinuating that people can get hurt by putting their hand in their garbage disposal while it is on. I’m not sure who the spokesperson(s) for Emerson is, but I’m pretty sure they’d be hard-pressed to find someone dumb enough to believe that they can stick their hand directly into slicing, rapidly-moving blades and come out with all fingers attached. But I’m no lawyer.

  3. Sadly though Offord, jocks in highschool still think that the most popular girls want them and will just have sex with them. Usually these girls become porn stars though, not superheroes.

    Allison…did the episode actually show the brand of the garbage disposal? Also, were they one of the sponsers? If I am not mistaken, it is okay to show a product as long as it is in a setting that is somewhat akin to real life, such as in Seinfeld, everyone always offering each other a Snapple. I am sure there are a few idiots every year who reach down the disposal and lose a hand. I also think the point of the scene was to show that when you can easily regenerate, you may not be paying attention to what you are doing. Or something like that…

  4. Haha…you don’t have to argue the point with me. I think it’s a dumb lawsuit. But they’re saying that anyone who watched will get the impression that if you put your hand in the drain while your disposal is on, you’ll get hurt, and they don’t want that impression to be out there. I think their main thing is that they don’t want NBC rebroadcasting the episode:

    Also, I thought Claire stuck her hand in on purpose to test her powers. It didn’t look like an accident, or that she wasn’t paying attention, to me.

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