Heroes Part 4

Wow. Where to even start. This show gets better every week. Let me recap what we learned this episode:
-Niki has some sort of secondary personality, it comes out to protect her. It is also the one with the power, which is probably strength.

-Peter is a mimic. I am upset that I did not think of this. It’s what the main character of Hunter/Killer does, when he is around someone with superpowers he has their power while in their proximity. It is really useful in tracking, but also when large groups of super individuals are around each other, Peter could possibly have a buffet.

-Nathan gets a lap dance. Has nothing to do with powers, but still cool.

-Claire punished the QB, good for her. What does the phrase, save the cheerleader, save the world mean? Does it mean that she is going down a dark path? OR, save her from her adopted father?

-In the future, Hiro will be completely badass. Did you notice that he was wearing a sword? His English was almost perfect. I wonder if when Peter mimics abilities, if he also mimics their control? That’s an interesting thing to put under the theory file.

-In the next episode preview we see Nathan fly, and not like a little bit, but full on, take off at high speed. Also we know he is the one taken by Claire’s father, which probably means they disabled the camera, so now Niki will have to deal with more thugs who think she shirked her job.

Anyways, I may rewatch the episode and write more about it.

7 thoughts on “Heroes Part 4

  1. I agree with ya that the show is getting better and better…

    Peter’s definitely a mimic, it explains in the last episode how he drew the picture of him walking through air towards his brother. I can’t believe none of us noticed that.

    I’m not sure whether or not the question about saving the cheerleader, saving the world means they need to save her AND/THEN the world, or, if it means that by saving her she can help to save the world, or, if it means maybe Sylar can use her to destroy the world… I dunno. I wasn’t sure what to think about that.

    That’d be insane if Peter could use all their powers at the same time when they’re all near one another.

    It was awesome seeing Claire get revenge on the rapist. I thought it was pretty fake when that girl talked to her at her locker, and said, “Nothing happened to me too” then it shows ol’ rapist Brody fondling yet another girl. But, I guess, they needed to get the point across that he’s a sicky, and since it’s a show with so many characters they kinda had to get the point across fast, so, I’ll let it slide…. this time. I wonder if that other girl will be in any other episodes or not…? Does anyone else see Claire having one of those change of heart moments when she develops feelings for, then kisses the unpopular kid, or is that just me?

    I like Hiro more and more every week. I’d definitely do the same thing to gamble and make money. It was hilarious when his friend got tough in the alley and they punched Hiro in the face. I thought the guy had some kind of power then realized Hiro’s just a huge pussy. I watched the episode on nbc.com just to see him get punched again then his friend’s face… haha. Hiro from the future was pretty BA. I wonder how far into the future he’s been. I mean, how long would it take a Japanese guy to learn English that well? And why the hell does he have a sword? It’s awesome, especially coming from Hiro, but still… kinda funny.

    Niki’s dark side is basically a whore, but I’m cool with that. I just wish they could make a movie, or maybe just an episode, with her dating Charlie/Hank (Jim Carrey) from Me, Myself, and Irene, a lot of funny possibilities there. Anyway, I thought she was gonna do something to Nathan – well, aside from dance for him then bang him. I mean, she had to repay her debt by sleeping with him, which ya might think Niki wouldn’t stand for, but I guess the protecting/dark side of her is willing to do anything. And, she’s kinda like the Phoenix in Jean Grey in that sense…

    I’m not sure how much I like how coincidental it was for Niki to have to sleep with Nathan, of all the in-debt strippers with the mob out there and all the need-to-get laid politicians, the odds of them both having super powers is pretty slim. Then, it was quite the “kill two birds with one stone” scene at the end when Claire’s dad and silent Tyrese came in…

    The end with Hiro and Peter was awesome… I wonder what Hiro’s message is, I thought it was awesome how confident and smooth Hiro was instead of awkward and dorky and I suppose the fact that he had a sword, how he said he didn’t recognize him without his scar. I wonder what he gets a scar from..? Maybe Isaac attacks him after hooking up with his ex, maybe Nathan flips on him, maybe he for some reason attacks Nathan and Niki’s protective side roughs him up, who knows. All three, probably none the case, just wanted to throw out some ideas.

  2. you asked for comments…but I don’t have any. I have to watch the show again on nbc.com because I was drunk and in the shower while it was on tv. don’t ask.

  3. Adam…Niki and Hank would be quite a funny pairing. And remember, this show is kind of like Lost (which you do not watch), so it will have lots of little coincidences, such as Isaac and Peter, two people with powers in NYC, having a common person. Or what about Peter hopping in Mohinder’s cab?

    I wonder what will happen to the cop, forgot his name already. Does not seem like much of way to escape from where they have him, plus mental powers could easily be surpressed, well not by me, but by someone who was smart about biology or something…

    I bet the scar comes from the big battle that will eventually happen, whenever they save the world and become some kind of superteam.

    Allison…who gets drunk and does pilates? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for any kind of drunken exercising, but not during Heroes.

  4. I would think that if anyone were to defend getting drunk and exercising (or getting drunk and doing ANY kind of non-drunk-related activity….like going to work and cooking, for example) it would be Gideon. Where’s my backup?!

  5. gideon said (i’m at work right now and its not letting me log in for some reason)…

    First and foremost, drinking is awesome and can, and should, be done in conjunction with just about any activity; including backgammon and treehouse construction.

    Now onto the episode. Im not so sure Im into the whole Niki thing. Since when is multiple personality disorder a power? I’m not even convinced her other half is super strong. She kicked him in the nards, of course he’s gonna go down. There is that whole thing with the guys she killed of course, but I didnt see that fight, so the jury’s still out on that one.

    The more I see of Claire the less I think of her as invulnerable, but rather just possessing a fast healing factor. Now they never really said she was invulnerable, I just assumed it. But with the branch shutting down her healing ability, and now scenes from the next episode showing her in the hospital (im guessing from the car wreck) it seems like she may be weaker than i thought. Maybe the powers still in its infancy though.

    And I hope that Peter can use all the powers at once, that way he could have a second half that is either evil (while he has all the powers), or has the inverse of all of their powers. Or is flaming gay, thatd be pretty awesome too.

    Hiro would be my best friend in a heartbeat, though I’d smack him for giving me cards out of the opponents hand rather than out of the deck. Thats just bush-league cheating.

  6. Gideon…i never really got the impression that Claire was invulnerable, but instead more like Wolverine. Something fun that Grant Morrison explored in New X-Men, was Wolverine’s memory loss was temporary because when something terrible happened to him, his healing factor would erase it…I think now he has all his memories so that is no longer true, but still an interesting theory

    Yeah, Hiro was just begging to be caught with that one. Plus he would have been better off just playing Keno, well that is if he could control his time jumping. Go ten minutes into the future, get the Keno numbers, and then hop back and buy a ticket…

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