Heroes Part Five

I am watching this episode on Kacie’s laptop, since my TiVo and the digital cable must not have changed to NBC last night to record Heroes. Anyways, I will write this while I watch, since it takes time to continue loading the episode and whatnot.

Okay, so the first part was awesome. Future Hiro explaining things to Peter, but Mohindar still not believing him, I guess Hiro should have told him something to get Mo’ on board, unless that was not in the plan.

The QB did not die, but hopefully he will and hopefully his dying words will be “crazy bitch.” Speaking of last words, what do you want yours to be? I have never thought about it before, but I believe you should always be prepared, haha.

Nathan flew. And it looks like it was fast enough to create a sonic boom, which means it was faster than the speed of sound. Travelling that fast has to be hard on his skin though. Also, did they mention that he was in the military? So maybe when he finally comes around and helps Peter, he will be a little more effective in hand to hand combat…

Hiro and Ando’s little exchange was great. They sound like an old married couple. But, the highlight is Nathan landing and Hiro seeing it. So we have Peter and Isaac, Hiro and Nathan (maybe Niki), and somehow they have to meet up and save Claire. I am convinced they are saving her from her dad, especially if they find her, and Nathan sees him…

Matt and his wife was sweet, he finally was using his powers to actually win her back, exactly what I would do.

I really dislike watching it like this. Anyways, Nathan does not believe a word Hiro says, but I am sure while they are in the car Hiro will call Isaac and Peter will talk to him, Hiro will hear his name and hand the phone to Nathan. Okay, so that is wishful thinking…

Matt is going to freak his wife out and probably cause her to leave. And yes I say that after they start having sex. I think in the long run knowing everything she thinks will be a problem, he has to tone it down a bit.

Peter painting should help prove to Isaac that he needs to help him. Hopefully with Peter’s help he can unlock his power without drugs, but who knows. The drug angle is definitely interesting. Should he continue using drugs in order to know the future?

Favorite line of the episode: “Hollow him out. Take everything.” Claire’s dad pretty much just said he knows more about her than she does. So I am sticking by my prediction that he knew she was one when he adopted her.

I am already seeing the downside to Matt’s telepathy. Without control of it, you would easily go insane, being inundated with everyone’s thoughts.

Nathan is a rather shrewd politicial, or maybe the term I am looking for is crooked, but who knows.

I cannot believe that Ando just shows up at Niki’s house. Or that she uses her real name on her website. She is lucky she does not have pervs showing up everyday.

Also, I looked on IMDB, DL is not the same guy as the mysterious black dude that works for Claire’s dad. They look alike, but not the same actor.

Peter talks to Hiro. Really that is the most important thing. Unfortunately, I cannot watch the preview for next weeks episode. I cannot find it on nbc.com. If anyone knows where to watch it, let me know.

I was reading some comments people made on the site. Seems like many people think Sylar is actually Peter from the future, or possibly Peter/Nathan’s dad. One idea is that Peter leeched onto Niki’s power, but instead of it being some psychological disorder, it is actually like having a dark inner demon thing. Well it brings out Peter’s. And he goes back in time, and starts stealing their powers. Now how would he do that? Well, maybe he eats their brains, or as someone said, a brain necklace (although that sounds stupid to me)…

I do not know how I feel about the idea of Sylar being Peter. It would be cool, but as Hiro said when he came back, if he stayed too long it could create a rift. If Sylar/Peter were back that long, wouldn’t a rift also be created in which the possibility of that future never happens? And wouldn’t Hiro mention to Peter, oh hey, do not become evil…or maybe not. Maybe Hiro must allow Peter to become evil in order to save the world? Confusing? Yeah, time travel can hurt your brain.

I do like the idea that Sylar is Peter and Nathan’s father. Since Peter did tell Mohinder something like “I guess we are all just cheap knockoff’s of our fathers.”

Well, as always, let me know what you think. I promise never to write like this again either.

5 thoughts on “Heroes Part Five

  1. Seems unlikely that Syler is Peter. Why would Hiro have told Peter to save the cheerleader when he could have told him to stay away from Niki?

  2. Woot to Heroes…my new favorite television show ever that isn’t seinfeld/simpsons/family guy, which are hard to compare anyway. Is Heroes better than Lost?


  3. Um…Offord…yeah, Heroes is better than Lost.

    Does anyone know where to find the music they play on Heroes? Or else what song that was at the beginning of the episode, two weeks ago?

    I feel like Peter’s probably the most clueless one with powers, so that’d be awesome if he was the one to save them all. Like all this time he’s been whining to his brother about being able to fly and Nathan just blows him off, then Peter turns around and saves the world and Nathan’s just left with his mighty 6-pack abs.

    I really thought that Sylar and that dude with Claire’s dad were the same person. So it looks like part of DL’s powers are walking through walls? At least…it looked like he did. Josh, that might have been in next week’s preview. If you remember the shadow that walked past when Nikki thought there was someone in her house, it turns out to be DL and then she kicks him across the room. So I think he can walk through walls…but he bit it pretty hard when she kicked him.

    I’m interested in seeing where this brain-stealing thing goes. They seemed to have abandoned it for the time being, but considering Claire’s powers diminished when her brain was kabobed (skewered? shish’d?), I think whoever’s taking brains is doing it for the power. I still like what Josh said a while back about some dude from a comic stealing peoples’ brains (I think) to absorb their powers.

    What the hell would the point of a brain necklace be?

    I don’t think that Sylar is Future Peter. Hiro’s been using his power to change the future so why wouldn’t he have said anything to Peter on the subway, especially if he’s so determined to save NY from the bomb (unless Future Hiro doesn’t give a rat’s ass)? I do like the idea that Sylar is the Petrellis’ father though, which could explain why Peter doesn’t know much about his powers but Nathan never wants to talk about his, because he knows about his dad, and the dad could have “killed” himself to run off and do Sylar-like things because he was unable to keep his powers under control. or maybe his powers became out of control/evil and he didn’t want to bring his family into it. OR maybe because Claire’s dad was after him. OR I could probably keep rambling.

    Oh, um….least favorite part: the convenience store. What nutjob would put a gun down and run away because you mentioned that his friend JimBob was getting out in a month? That crazy motherfucker would have turned and shot Matt point-blank, in the face.

  4. Allison, I think the song you’re looking for is Rogue Wave – Eyes. That’s the only song I know of from the show. They’ve played it in a couple episodes. I found it after the first week and told Josh about it on here, maybe ya missed that post. It was also in Just Friends (Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart).

    Anyway, I’ll write my comment hopefully tomorrow sometime. I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

  5. Greg…wow, another poster who is someone I do not know, very cool. I checked out your page, pretty awesome, I may post on there and will definitely link to it. I agree that it is unlikely Peter is Syler.

    Offord…Right now Heroes is blowing Lost out of the water. I get very excited every monday while watching football with Ryan at the dark horse knowing that when I get home or wake up Heroes will be waiting.

    Allison…yeah, the gun thing was a little weird, but remember when Matt is reading his mind, he probably hears the doubts in this kids head as well. Saying stuff like “I shouldn’t do this JimBob gets out, what about my girl?” And maybe as a cop, Matt knows how to feed off of someone’s deeper thoughts, who knows what they train LAPD, aside from assault.

    Hmm, save the world or get mighty six pack abs…I will go with the abs, I am just not motivated enough to save the world.

    Yeah, I still have not seen the preview, although I would not be surprised if it is up on YouTube, or something. I think I am one of like 4 people who does not check YouTube.

    I think I want my final words to be completely random, like Scrambled eggs, Biodome, and tunic.

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