Heroes Part Six

NBC still sucks. The picture quality for last nights episode was awful. Anyways, the show was still very, very good. During the show I kept predicting things like Eden working for Claire’s dad, or Claire’s bio-parents actually not being her real parents, that they were someone Claire’s dad either works with or hired, also I predicted that Niki’s other half killed the crew and the guys playing poker…okay, some of you may have predicted it too, but I have Kacie as a witness.

Hiro had the defining hero moment. Where he should have done something and did not and now he feels bad. With great power comes great responsibility. If Uncle Ben never told Peter that, then Peter would never have became Spider-Man and went around saving the world. It was funny how he was all excited about carrying a sword too.

The Niki story became much more interesting. It is like she has a doppleganger or something and the other half has some strength. DL is like Kitty Pryde, and their fight scene was okay, not really badass or anything, but okay.

The interesting thing to me is that Eden told Claire’s dad that Isaac and Peter got a message from a guy from the future who said “save the cheerleader, save the world.” Claire’s dad did not seem to like that. I wonder if they are going to pump Isaac full of heroin to see his visions of the future.

At what point will Peter and Nathan discuss their relationship with Hiro. Although, Nathan does not seem like the person who would believe any of it, he seems to act like even though he can fly, none of it is real.

My TiVo did not record the entire ending last night. Last thing I saw was Eden saying to Isaac that she was a big fan of his work. Anyone want to tell me if there was more or if the preview offered anything. Also, has NBC said how many more episodes there will be of the show?

Well anyways, lets have a fun time discussing what everyone thinks.

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  1. From Offord:

    Was Niki dead? I think if DL reached in there and messed with her heart she would be, but I doubt she’d get killed off since its Ali Larter. The voice thing at the end also made me think she might be dead…Anyways, I wasn’t as thrilled with this episode mainly because it was almost about Niki’s story, but I’m sure it was absolutely necessary. The “next week” preview showed DL colliding with um..damn I forget. He met some of them on the highway in vegas though, might have been Hiro. What do you think about Hiro telling Peter the message? It’s starting to blow my mind, because he didn’t want to cause a rift, but so much is going to branch from him telling it. Not only has Peter told Surish, but now Clair’s dad knows from Eden. It’s crazy because is that what Hiro wanted or is that an unpredicted consequence? I look forward to finding out. I missed Nathan in this episode, for some reason I like his parts, and also the cop. He wasn’t in it at all. He is next week though, they showed him with a gun doing some shouting, I forget what it was all about. I’m sure they have the preview on nbc.com. I guess that’s about it, last question is what kind of power do you think Niki’s son has, since both his parents have powers?

  2. I do not think Niki was dead. Kitty Pryde can pass through people’s bodies without hurting them. If DL solidified a little bit, he could just cause her heart to slow and she may just pass out.

    I think future Hiro knows that he had to do things the way he did, and he cannot change any of it, or a rift will be created, know what I mean?

    I do enjoy how the preview shows them all starting to come together. Also Matt is seen talking to someone, who seems to have powers as well.

  3. I dont think anyones dead. None of the main characters are gonna die this early in the shows life i dont think (though that does exclude main characters that don’t have powers, they’re liable to get deaded at any point). We havent had enough time with any one character for their death to have any emotional impact, and isnt that what nbc would really want, ratings-wise?

    I’m remembering now how i mentioned, after the first episode i think, that flight by itself was a crappy power and if that was your only power you should at least have a sword, or something like that, and now that future Hiro has one, I think that everyone should get a sword. Swords rock. Imagine if DL just walked through your front door, with a sword. Would you not wanna make him a spaghetti dinner? I know I would. If he can make his clothes phase through matter with him I dont think a sword would be much tougher. And if Isaac ran outta money for smack, bam, just use that trusty sword to rob the dealer. Then he could even go on a heroin fueled sword slashing rampage.

    But never mind that; my roomie and I watch this show and routinely make accurate predictions about plot points as the episodes play out. But I find this fun, with a hint of awesome. I’m glad that things fit together well enough that you can make sense of it all. And that the writers keep uncovering a steady flow of relevant info. Unlike some other shows we watch (see: The Nine, where the only accurate predictions we make are “I bet the next 10 mins. are gonna suck worse than the 10 we just saw”; or Lost, where, well I’ll just let Gabe from Penny-Arcade say it “He no longer believes that events are happening according to some overarching plan. Watching the show now is apparently awful, because where he once perceived a carefully revealed structure he now just sees a couple guys out back beneath a tarp, flashlights held under the chin.” Though that show is starting to get back on track)

    Wow, I totally lost my train of thought regarding this whole Heroes thing. I’m gonna stop typing now.

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that of all the things Gideon IS capable of doing when he’s drunk, posting coherent thoughts are not one of them.

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