Interesting Experiment

Since most of the world has an iPod or some other mp3 player, I thought this would be an interesting and fun thing to talk about. On Brian K. Vaughn’s site, he has an article a little ways down about how he was asked to write about five songs on his mp3 player that came up in order without skipping or selecting. Since my iRiver is broken, I decided to do this with winamp, but it is the same principle, and I hope some of you will find it interesting.

1. Radiohead–Life in a Glass House
As many of you know, I really dislike Radiohead. I download their stuff in hopes of better understanding, but to no avail. This song is okay, but really does nothing for me. I only really enjoy the songs of theirs that were pretty mainstream like Creep, or Paranoid Android…

2. Liam Lynch-United States of Whatever
This song I download because it was catchy and kind of funny. Now it borders on slightly annoying.

3. The Rolling Stones-You Got Me Rocking
Sweet, you cannot go wrong with the Stones. It reminds me of Denis Leary, when he says about opening his own bar, and all it plays is the Stones, 24/7. No trip, no hop, no house, no…well you have heard the skit, I am sure of it.

4. Fuel-Last Time
I have always been a big fan of Fuel. They are sort of a PA band, but not exactly. This was off their second album, Something Like Human (okay, I am not sure if that was their second album, they may have had one before self-titled album, but you get my point). When I first heard the album, this was my favorite song from it.

5. Hellacopters-No Angel to Lay Me Away
As most of you know, I am constantly trying to get people to listen to the Hellacopters. They are a great band, I can never say enough about them. This song came off their latest album Rockin’ Roll is Dead. It’s funny that on Viva La Bam, you can sometimes hear Hellacopters songs, but that has not seemed to help them catch on big over here, nor has it meant being able to find their albums or shirts in mainstream stores like Hot Topic, which has pretty much pushed HIM to a new level, but that is neither here nor there.

5 thoughts on “Interesting Experiment

  1. I will be performing this experiment soon. In the meantime, try not to make fun of your syndrome’d relative.

    PS–when are you going to be moving in on my couch? this month is kinda busy for me, I’m thinking maybe you could start Nov. 1?

  2. You better get on with this experiment. everyone seems to follow your lead.

    november 1st? that soon? you really want a Kato, or is it Cato, or is it Kaydo, i don’t know, but anyways, you really want one of those on your couch?

  3. who copies me?


    I know.

    what the hell is a Kato/Cato/Kaydo? I’ll have to google it. as long as you don’t pee on my couch, I don’t care…..unless that’s what a Kato does.

  4. HA…that’s what I thought. I think it was Kato Kaelin or something. I thought this was another mystery term of yours, like “padawan”. Which, coincidentally, I have no recollection of.

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