Lost: Episode 301

This episode seemed kind of slow, but so many little things were revealed to us. First off, The Others live normal lives, not the shitty little huts and dirty clothes that we usually see them in. Second, they seem to have some kind of connection to the outside world, how else could they get all the information on Jack that quickly. They are planning something for Kate, but what could it be? Torture? Rape? Watching Dukes of Hazard: The Movie over and over again? Who knows.

Did anyone else find it funny that Sawyer got tasered? I will count that as me being right that The Others would be the first to kick his ass. Although Jack got his clock cleaned by Juliet, which was pretty funny.

In the preview for next week we see Kate kissing Sawyer, and Sayid mounting a rescue mission. I have a feeling this first set of episodes (they are doing two 13 part series, with a small break in between instead of straight 26 weeks…) will be about the rescue, then the second part will be about what happened inside the Hatch. That’s just my guess though. It would be interesting to learn more about The Others, to see their side of things.

3 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 301

  1. I really hate to say this but I don’t think I like Lost anymore. I feel like we’re not getting anywhere with the plot. Or I’m just impatient.

    I’m wondering what they’re going to do with Kate too. What are they going to do that’s only going to last for 2 weeks? And why did they burn her clothes? I almost felt like she was going to be forced into some kind of mating ritual with Henry Gale when they made her go to breakfast with him.

    Jack…..Jack, I don’t like. I’m glad he got punched in the face. But I want to know what they’re breaking him down for. Why do they want him mentally weakened? What are they going to make him do?

    And Sawyer…I feel like they’re just going to keep him in his cage until he drives himself crazy. Look how hard he worked to get food, and it ended up being a tuna biscuit and some pellets. I think he’s going to spend all of his time goofing off and that will be his torture.

    So yeah….Lost needs to pick up the pace. I want to know whose baby Sun is carrying and how she got pregnant (I thought Jin was sterile??). I want to know what happened to Locke and Ekko and Desmond, since Charlie was the only one to come back out of the hatch. I want to know what the Others plan to do with the Losties, since they’ve taken their leaders from the group (unless Sayid can keep them all alive). And what happened to the giant black monster cloud thing? What was it, and why haven’t there been any since what, the beginning of Season 2?

  2. The problem may be ABC, the creators of Lost wanted it to last 5 seasons, but now ABC is pressuring them to stretch it longer.

    And yeah, I thought they would force Kate to help them mate, which I would probably do as well, she is hot.

    I like Jack. I think they are breaking him down just to see if they can. It seems like everything on the island is just some scientific experiment.

    Sawyer will prove he cannot pushed to insanity because he will just sit in that cage and heckle them all day, everyday. They will go nuts and let him go.

    The island did heal Locke’s legs, and Rose’s cancer, it could have healed Jin’s spermies.

  3. I guess I’m a little late on this one. And there, Ive forgiven myself. Now on to business.

    I’m already upset. This is going to be the first season I watch on a week to week basis (and not even “24” consecutive week to week, crappy season long week to week with new episodes only coming during sweeps months).

    The first two seasons I downloaded the entire season and watched em all in a matter of days. Back then I said “I dont know how people can stretch this out over a season and not go insane”. Especially after episodes that offered nothing to the overall plotline. Now I know its not possible. Perhaps the goal is to drive people insane. If so, bang up job writers.

    I’m not even going to worry about what happens to Jack, Sawyer and Kate right now (though I do like Jack, I love Sawyer, and I’m in love with Kate, or maybe I just wanna be in Kate), since Im sure that wont be resolved until midseason at the earliest. Hopefully they will clear up whatever happened with the people in the hatch (I’m pretty sure theyre all still alive).

    Now have they ever said roughly how big the island is? Cuz these guys have been there for over a month, and they didnt happen to stumble across this huge suburban village? That seems silly. And I dont know if you guys heard this, but I heard Boone was coming back this season. What?! With Shannon gone, who’d be having flashbacks involving him? Maybe the island will heal him to and theyll have a zombie amongst their ranks who they can send out to battle the others. Now that would make for some compelling entertainment…

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