Lost: Episode 302

“You taste like fish biscuits.” Probably the funniest line I have heard on this show to date.

This episode definitely picked up the pace. Plus, it seems like my theory that Sawyer is a tougher guy than anyone previously thought was pretty much on the money. How cool was it that he took those two guys out and probably could have gotten away if Kate had not just stood there while a gun was pointed at her (granted it is not like she had much choice, but still).

The question I have is, has Jack given up? Will he cooperate in order to go home? And why would he want to return to a world where the Red Sox won the World Series? Jack seems like he is the type who would cooperate just to use it against them, and then make sure he was able to help his friends.

Sayid thinks he is a tactical genius, but come on folks, lets face it, if he were so brilliant then Iraq would have stood a much better chance in fighting us (and no, I do not want any political/military discussions about what is going on today). It seems like they want Sayid to come off as the Iraqi Jack Bauer, but in reality he is more like any of the secondary agents who always gets shot before Jack shows up. Sorry. I did not mean to go off on a 24 tangent there. Anyways, Sayid did not seem to think his plan through, what if their scout party consisted of 15 people?

Does anyone think Sun killed the guy she was sleeping with? I say she did, since he was holding the pearls. What was your interpretation?

The preview for next week shows what happened with Locke, Charlie, Desmond, and Ekko. And Desmond has no clothes on, interesting. James was telling me that he read a theory about the show that says the island is actually a gateway between dimensions or realities, and that is why when they failed to enter the code, the guys last season picked up a signal. That seems like an interesting idea, reminds me of in Sandman, the bar called, umm, hold on a second, The Inn at the World’s End (yes I made you pause while I checked the comic, it only took a second, I promise). Also the writers have said before that people should start considering the idea that maybe the island is outside of our time and space…But that could also mean they read the same message boards and just want to push people in the wrong direction.

Anyways, I wish more of you were watching this now and not waiting for it on DVD, I am TiVo-ing the episodes and I am more than happy to let people come over and watch them or whatnot.

7 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 302

  1. Yeah, this episode didn’t really make sense to me. It was better than the last one, I think…but still sucky. I think Lost and I might break up soon.

    First off, Sayid is not that dumb. I’m sorry, but you and a dude that can’t speak English can NOT take out an army of Others. I think that thus far, the Others have clearly proven that they are more intelligent and more capable than the Losties had previously taken them for, so why Sayid thinks he can take them all is beyond me.

    This is why I hate Lost: how are the Others connected to the outside world? I doubt Comcast has service to remote islands in some sort of alternate realm, so where’d Ben get the tape of the Red Sox game? I think I’m starting to hate the fact that just when one thing gets figured out, there are 20 more questions raised (like why does Desmond show up naked next week?)

    I’m also wondering now if Jack, Kate and Sawyer will have to pay for the fact that Sun killed one of the Others. Or will the Others come back and get their revenge on Sun? Will there be another baby-stealing? Will Sun ever actually look pregnant? Should I post when I’m cranky?? Will LOST ever have “danger alert” music that doesn’t sound like mating walruses? The questions never end.

  2. Allison…yeah don’t post cranky, please. I have no problem with them being able to go in and out of our time/space to get information, just as I’m sure they can go other places too, like where the black smoke monster comes from. It seems like in western movies and tv we always want nice neat easy answers, we do not like to think, which is why movies like the Ring or the Grudge suck when brought over here because they have to try and make it easier for us to understand, whereas the originals have no real explanations…

    David…has not premiered over on your side of the world yet?

  3. ok, I won’t post cranky again. But I will say that I’m losing interest in Lost not because I want easy answers, but I’m tired of nothing ever getting answered and more questions being raised. The whole story line just isn’t holding my attention anymore.

  4. Oh yeah, and 40% of you (that’s 2 for anyone who is mathphobic) think Sawyer will die this year. I just do not see it happening. He is way too much of a draw. If I am not mistaken he may be the most popular character on the show. He will not die this season. I will bet $1 on that.

  5. In fact, here is my guess on what will happen: Rousseau’s (that may not be spelled right, I apologize) daughter will help Sawyer and Kate escape, not Jack because he will be working with The Others. Those three will be met somewhere by Rousseau, who will be reunited by her daughter. During the escape, Rousseau will kill a few of The Others, and by the end of the episode she will be shot, but her death will ensure her daughter’s escape. She will then join the Losties and tell them all sorts of interesting things about The Others, BUT she will not know everything about them, like where they came from. How is that for a prediction.

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