Lost: Episode 303

This episode of Lost was exciting, although I am sure some people will tell me they are not as interested anymore, but oh well.

Did Locke make some kind of psychotropic drug? If so, where did he get the ingredients? Boone comes back to the show as Locke’s spirit guide, and says lots of cryptic things.

Anyone else think it was kind of weird that my poll made a joke about Desmond coming from the future, and he was naked because he travelled through time like the Terminator? Well it appears that was not just some funny joke, but in fact was probably right. Desmond tells Hurley that Locke made a speech, and then later he does make the speech. Desmond is from the future.

Hopefully Locke will have Mr. Ekko healed up and ready to go battle The Others, which on a side note, anyone else think it is funny how the rest of the Losties have no clue about The Others, or anything that goes on around the island? You know what those people are good for? Dying. Or prolonged backstories…

Speaking of backstories, Locke’s was interesting. He lived on a hippy commune that grew lots of marijuana, and he had lots of guns. This does finally explain how he became all Rambo-esque. When does he become paralyzed and start working at a box company? Or lose his hair…

Charlie was cracking me up this episode, with all his smartass comments to Locke. Hopefully he will have a more interesting role this season, instead of crazy guy who tries to kidnap babies and debates using heroin everyday. I would like to see Ekko or Locke teach him to be a hunter or something.

I kept wondering when we would see the second polar bear. Since creepy Other dude told Sawyer that it took the bears two days to learn how to get the fish biscuit, I figured there must be another bear running around somewhere. Also, seems a bit weird that none of the Losties really explored the question, “why are there polar bears on a tropical island” after the first season. Granted, they have only been on the island for like fifty days, and survival is still the main thing, but come on, who wouldn’t think about it? I know I would.

The preview for next week shows Sawyer being tortured and possibly dying, and Kate being asked if she loves him. I think Ekko, Locke, and Sayid could devise a plan to save them, but they will have to work together.

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4 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 303

  1. As I watched this episode, which I did enjoy, I realized why I’m actually still a fan. It’s pretty much all the flashbacks. Personally, I find the events occurring on the island to be getting sillier and sillier, with lots of holes and unresolved nonsense (albeit intriguing nonsense). Luckily half of the episode is usually devoted to some backstory or another, much more so based in reality, and really quite interesting (though they also have chronological issues sometimes).

    The only thing keeping my head firmly in place when trying to figure out why a bear would just drag a live Eko back to his cave, or why Eko wouldnt just leave if he was conscious, or what purpose there was for Locke to ever be mute, or no one seemed to be investigating the cause of the explosion, etc. was John’s cool flashback sequences. After seeing the Departed, all manners of undercover work are awesome again.
    And I figure, he knew of some random jungle stuff that could get you messed up, what with him being a former hippie and everything.

    Regarding the coming weeks, I doubt Sawyer dies just yet, though the filming of next weeks episode probably prompted josh holloways statement like a week ago about him being scared of potentially dying no the show. I’d hate to see him go (he’s probably my fave character), unless it causes kate to break into some sort of nude mourning ritual.

    Does anyone think that with the major stars so segregated, more survivors will be introduced on the beach and become plotline mainstays?

  2. I did not like this episode….at all. (On a side note, I watched it on abc.com and not on TV, which I do not recommend. I had to reload the player 8 times. it took me an hour and a half to watch 41 minutes of show.)

    I didn’t get why the bear took Eko, how Locke knew where to find him, why Eko didn’t leave the bear’s cave, why the bear fur Locke found looked like a dirty mutilated cotton ball, what kind of fucking peyote Locke found, why Locke turned into a tiger for a flash when he came out of the sweat room, what he was doing on a marijuana farm, how that kid was a cop and knew Locke was coming and would pick him up, why Locke was mute, and why Boone looked more like a girl than he ever did.

    It sucked. Why didn’t anyone try to explore the imploded hatch? How did the hatch take Desmond’s underwear? And why is he throwing rocks into the ocean when he’s only wearing a t-shirt? That’s risky business and opening yourself up to flashing your futuristic island wang to everyone. Unless they don’t have peni in the future.

    Does anyone else think that Hurley will get so freaked out by Desmond that he will just eat him?

  3. Gideon…yeah, the flashbacks definitely make the characters seem a bit more interesting, without them, you just have crazy people running around the jungle being stupid.

    And yes, I think we are going to start getting more characters and even more backstories. As I said earlier, ABC wants this show to go more than five seasons, which means the writers need to have lots to delve into.

    Allison…you are one angry monkey. Maybe the Locke/Tiger thing was to let us know that Locke was now a hunter, he would clean up his mess.

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