Lost: Episode 304

Where do I even start? I think I will start with Desmond. I believe the whole time travelling idea may have been true. In this episode he knew where lightning was going to strike. He also knew Claire and the baby were in trouble when it struck. If that doesn’t clue people in to his knowledge of the future than nothing really will. I think he may know what happens, but not exactly everything, and when bits come to him, it is only things that will happen shortly after.

The backstory about Sawyer gave him another layer. I knew from the get go that he was conning the guy. The part about him having a daughter, and then giving his share to her, even though he said he wanted nothing to do with her, was another great moment of us trying to hate him, but not being able to.

I think many people will complain about Jack not taking advantage of the situation of having one of their people on an operating table. I did not have a problem with how he handled it. He is a doctor, and saving the girl would in his mind be his first priority. And now that he knows one of them has a spinal tumor, he really controls more than he previously thought. Anyone think he will sleep with Juliet? I think he should, he has been on the island 60-70 days, has all these hot women around, and has not gotten laid, that is never a good sign. Plus sleeping with her, well he could say it was to get himself free or something.

Does anyone know if it is possible to inject a pacemaker? If it is not possible to do that, then Sawyer is just really dumb/gullable. I liked the great hike at the end, Sawyer finding out there was nowhere to run.

Anyways, that was about all I have on this episode. I really liked the episode, and the preview for next week seems like we are getting back on track.

I found this picture from the preview. This is what the weird thing was. It has an eyepatch, and if you remember, when Eko found the book with the missing footage, he also found a glass eye, I think that was in the Hatch on the other side of the island called The Arrow, is that right?

3 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 304

  1. I agree about the time traveling and Desmond. Although you would think he would try to keep it under wraps a little bit more….I have a feeling it will spiral out of control when everyone finds out that he knows what’s going to happen in the future even if it is only the near future.

    I don’t think Jack could have taken advantage of that situation. How’s he going to fight off what, like 6 people and then escape? And you know he’d stop to get Kate and Sawyer. I think it would have been impossible.

    I’m pretty sure it’s Henry Gale with the tumor. At least it looked that way in the previews for next week. I hope so, he’s creepy as hell.

    I think if he slept with Juliet, the rest of the Others would find out and they would punish Jack and not her. They’d turn it into some form of disobedience from him and let her off the hook. I’m pretty sure they’re all crazy motherfuckers.

    What happened to that really nice Other with long brown hair that hid in the bushes and whispered to Kate? I can’t remember what she said to Kate but I always thought that just maybe she would help them escape. But she hasn’t reappeared.

    I’m pretty sure you can’t inject a pacemaker. I think it was more the fact that they injected him with something and then he passed out, so he didn’t know what they did to him in the meantime. I noticed that he peeled back his bandage and there was no hole, really, so I think towards the end of the episode Sawyer was starting to figure it out. But if some crazy rammed a needle into my chest and then told me my heart could explode, I’d be more inclined to believe him and try not to exert myself.

    Did anyone else (and by anyone else, I mean Josh) notice aliens in the previews for next week? When some of the Losties have found the hatch with the video screens, it looks like there’s an alien on one of the screens. Am I crazy?

    I actually did like this episode a little more than previous ones, but I was surprised at how violent it was.

  2. Yeah, I think Henry has the tumor. I only meant the thing about Jack taking advantage, as something people might complain about (I read a lot of sites and people find so many little things to get upset over). I guess he could have said, I will help you if you let me see Kate and Sawyer.

    Are you talking about Rousseaus daughter? I have no idea, maybe they ate her and her boyfriend, the kid in Kate’s cage.

    I noticed something, but I could not make it what it was. Aliens? I don’t know, but then again there is a giant smoke monster, so….

    And yes, this episode was violent and all the violence was directed at Sawyer getting his ass kicked.

  3. HA! I love the picture. See, when I saw it I thought they were giant alien eyes. Lost doesn’t really stray far from the Normal Path, I know, but it appears to just be a pirate. I know I’d be scared if I knew a pirate was watching me, too.

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