7 thoughts on “Lost Poll

  1. Here is why I chose Hurley. He is fat and never seems to get skinnier, eventually that will become noticeable. Yeah they keep having food dropped in, but still he is a big actor, and I am sure he is not Tom Hanks. Plus, he is all depressed from the one chick who wanted him dying…

    Allison did you vote some other schmo?

  2. I voted for Sawyer. I read that he and Kate are going to have some crazy tryst and I’m thinking that the Others will kill him to hurt Kate. They don’t really seem to be using him for anything (as of yet).

  3. I also saw that in an interview, Sawyer says the biggest fear he has is getting the script and finding out he has been killed off…

  4. That is quite interesting. I want to watch the first episode now. Does this hint to him being a bad guy or anything? Maybe heroine addicts fall out of planes differently.

  5. I know that time I was on heroin and fell out of the plane, I ended up in Uzbekistan while the Tailies landed in Kenosha, WI. Maybe that’s just me.

    I honestly don’t remember that episode though, so I couldnt tell you where Charlie was in the plane before it split…..I didn’t start watching LOST until the 2nd or 3rd episode.

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