Lost Preview and Poll

This week on Lost, we get to see what happened inside the hatch. From what I am reading on other blogs and whatnot, it seems like people are losing interest in the show. I will not pretend that it has not been a somewhat disappointing start, but I am confident that things will start to pick up. Anyways, here is a fun poll to vote on before Wednesday.

Why will Desmond be naked?
In order to reset the button, he had to strip first.
His clothes were burnt off, but not his body hair.
He heard someone say “Let’s go streaking”
He was sent back in time, Terminator style.
He is European and finds no problem with naked jungle running
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3 thoughts on “Lost Preview and Poll

  1. Yeah, you say that now. Wait until you see one of those uncut sausages flapping around in your dorm’s hallways…yeah I am terrified of spanish penis.

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