Lost Season Premiere

Tonight is the first episode of the new season of Lost. I will be posting afterwards with my thoughts on the show. Some questions to consider
1) Is the island supernatural or can everything be explained?
2) What are The Others plans for Jack, Kate, and Sawyer?
3) What will happen to Michael and Walt?
4) Did Ekko, Locke, and Desmond survive? I would actually bet that Locke and Ekko did, and later in the season it will turn out Desmond is still alive somehow.

Anyways, let me know what you have been thinking about during the offseason. What questions has the show raised to you (I think Allison is the only person who watches the show who comments on here, so yeah, what do you think Allison?)

4 thoughts on “Lost Season Premiere

  1. Episode 1 was kinda slow. (I know, I’m probably posting on the wrong entry.) But I just wanted to say that I’m pretty certain that Desmond’s character has been made a season 3 cast member/regular, so I think he’s here to stay…for a while, at least.

  2. Oh–I also think that the boat that Henry Gale gave Michael and Walt will not get them to wherever they think they’re going to go. My guess is that they will end up back on the island. But maybe that’s just because I hate Michael…But Henry Gale/Ben is probably mastermind-y enough to make it so.

  3. i too thought that the first episode was super slow. kinda a downer. i have a feeling that walt, with his super powers will find them a heroic escape route for all. i think that might be a bit too easy wat do you think. but cant you see it? walt can telleport, cant he just teleport them all out of there?

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