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Today is my birthday, how exciting is that? And tonight is the second episode of Heroes, hope everyone is going to watch it. Wednesday is the premiere of Lost, so I have a poll for everyone.

Who will be the first person to punch Sawyer on the season premiere of Lost?
The Others
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4 thoughts on “This Week

  1. HAPPY BIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTHDAY, dear Husbaaaaaaaaand….

    Anyway. I think that Kate will be the first to punch Sawyer but then they’ll make out, which will lead into them doing it like bunnies. That’s why, on the previews, she’s being lead away as she starts to cry and puts her hands over her face. It’s because only after fucking Sawyer, does she remember that last season she caught him reading Judy Blume.

  2. I figured it would be The Others, they will just tire of listening to him talk about how when he gets out he is going to do this or that, so one of them will just pop him in the mouth.

    Although, I have this feeling that Sawyer is holding back. He is a conman, he would never show his hand completely until the best time. I think at some point he and Jack will fight, and Jack will get his ass kicked. But, that’s just one of many theories I have on the show.

  3. It could also be the others. I either picture it as a lovers’ quarrel type punch from Kate, or a shut the hell up, you vagrant, kinda punch from the Others.

    I would love for Jack and Sawyer to fight, because I can’t stand Jack. Party of Five or not, the dude’s annoying.

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