I love how quickly football analysts can jump on a bandwagon. At the beginning of the year all you heard was how the Bengals were going to be the best team this year, and now? Well lets just say they are now talking about how they were never that good really. Who did Pasquarelli pick to win the AFC North? The Bengals.

Watching Sportscenter today, all I heard was how the Bears were overrated. Yeah they lost to the Dolphins, a team with a 1-6 record, but that does not mean they are not one of the best football teams this year.

Also, something tells me my fantasy team got thrashed yet again this week. I was projected to score 99 points, which was like 12 more than my opponent. Sadly, my team never plays to their projections.

Football has been really rough this year. Watching Penn State has been horrible. They have absolutely no offense. The Steelers make no sense whatsoever. BigBen is hoisting up interceptions like it is his job. Most of us think Batch should start, see if he can change anything. Really the problem is the running back. Parker is good, but not really what the Steelers need. They are used to the powerback. Who knows who could fill that spot for them, but unless they fix it, the outlook for them is quite bleak.

Well yeah, I got destroyed yet again. Ugh, I give up on fantasy football this year. Anyone in my league reading this should just offer me crap and I will give you my best players. Also I would take money for certain trades.