Heroes Part Eight

Tonight’s episode was quite interesting, in that we are starting to learn more and more, and supposedly it is going to start tying together. I will try a different approach tonight, I will discuss each character’s stories, and then talk about my own theories.

The episode started with Mohinder spreading his father’s ashes back home in India. A friend tells him that he is welcome back to Chennai University when classes start back up. At his office, some hot Indian chick comes in and starts telling him that she is working for some genetics company and that Mohinder should come and interview for a job, but he would have to not mention his father’s work. Anyone notice that Mohinder gets all sorts of chicks? Mohinder dreams about an argument between he and his father. Mohinder thinks he is foolish for going to NYC, and that he will end up driving a taxi. Mohinder meets some weird kid during his dream. Mohinder’s mom tells him that he had a sister, Shanti, who died. Chandra thought the girl was special.

Mohinder again sees little kid in his father’s office and he then chases him outside. He sees his father murdered inside of his taxi cab. The little kid hands him a key, which was the key inside his father’s book found in a previous episode. Mohinder searches his father’s desk and finds a folder on Iyer Sanjog. He sees a picture of the boy from his dreams, and also sees articles about sleep research revealing new areas of brain.

Hiro and Ando
At the Burnt Toast Diner, Hiro and Ando meet a waitress named Charlie. She has the ability to remember anything she reads. When we first see her we witness her answering all sorts of hard questions for cops about the crossword puzzle and old movies. She impresses Hiro and Ando by speaking a little Japanese after reading a Japanese phrase book about a week ago.

She flirts with Hiro while he teaches her Japanese. She says how her brain seems to be able to remember anything, and Hiro says he also has a power, but then jokes that it is teaching anyone Japanese. We see Syler sitting in the corner, and he makes his glass move towards him with only his mind. She is in the back when Syler attacks her. The cops inform Hiro and Ando that her head was ripped off and her brain removed. Hiro says he must go back in time and save her and that she was killed the same way as Isaac was in the future. Ando is against him going back, he tells him that he still cannot really control his teleportation, but Hiro will not hear it. He says when he disappears and Ando counts to five, that he will have returned. Ando counts to five, and Hiro does not disappear. We then see a photo hanging on the wall, originally in the episode it was Charlie by herself at her birthday, but this time Hiro is with her in the photo.

Isaac, Claire, Eden, and Mr. Bennett
Eden cleans Isaac up, gives him a sexy shave. Why is that Eden is always using her sexiness on someone? And why is it never me? Anyways…She says she can teach him to paint without the drugs. Eden says she went through the same thing herself. Does she mean heroin? Or does she have some kind of power as well? I bet it is super-sexiness.

Claire’s dad works at a paper company, but below it is where they are holding Isaac. Mr. Bennett tells Isaac that the cheerleader is his daughter. He says that Syler is going to kill her tomorrow at the homecoming game. Syler is killing them one at a time and Mr. Bennet knows who he is, just does not know where or when he will strike next. Mr. Bennett offers Isaac drugs in order to complete the paintings. Mr. Bennett explains how they have been tracking special people. Sometimes people misinterpret their motives. Fourteen years ago, did he say they stabbed a woman to death? She left behind a baby girl, that he adopted.

Isaac wants to try and paint without the drugs, one more time. Claire visits her dad at work in order to get some really large paper. Eden comes out and sees Claire, and tells Mr. Bennett they have a situation. Claire leaves and Eden says that Isaac cannot do it. Mr. Bennett wants Eden to get Isaac to use heroin, and he tells her that she is the easy way. She is against it, and Mr. Bennett reminds her that he was the one who taught her and to remember what she was before he found her. We see at the end Isaac painting while high. Claire and her dad have a nice little bonding moment.

Matt and Audrey
Audrey is pretty upset with Matt for punching a fellow officer. She wants him to help her interview the radiation dude. She finds it weird that there are 3 people out there with weird powers, Matt, Syler, and now Radiation Boy. When they interview him he gets angry and their radiation meters start turning red, which is bad I guess.

It turns out Matt and he had similar situations, where they both blacked out and woke up with bruises. He tells the story about a night at a bar, he blacks out and then wakes up with his powers. He saw a Haitian in the bar. Matt also thinks he saw the same guy when he blacked out.

Matt goes home and his wife is looking at pictures. She knows he punched Tom. He admits it, and she starts thinking that Matt knows. Matt says he was suspended for one month without pay, that is when she admits to sleeping with Tom. Matt does not know if things will be alright or not between them. Audrey calls and says Radiation Boy escaped.

The little kid from Mohinder’s dream was probably Iyer Sanjog. I bet he has some kind of projection powers. He can enter people’s dreams. I wonder if Mohinder has some kind of power?

Hiro went back in time, obviously far enough back in time to befriend Charlie. We see him in the picture with her on her birthday. Sadly though, she will still die at the hands of Syler. This will probably be where Hiro learns more about his powers, he and Charlie can explore them together, if she reads enough about quantum mechanics, she can figure out how he can control his powers. Also, if he goes in time and hangs out with Charlie, I am sure she will help him learn better english.

It seems I was right that Mr. Bennett knew Claire would eventually have powers. I do not know if he is a good guy or bad guy though. I would imagine they are bad, they want to monitor and track people with powers, but they also want to control them. Look at what they did to Matt and Radiation Boy, they marked them and did weird things to them.

I think Audrey has a thing for Matt, I bet they sleep together. Also, if you check IMDB you will see that Sean Bean aka Boromir, is Syler. That kind of hurts the theories that Syler is Peter from the future, but it does not hurt the idea that Peter’s father is Syler.

8 thoughts on “Heroes Part Eight

  1. Offord wrote:

    I am rooting for Hiro to save Charlie because she is hot, enough said.

    That was probably my favorite part in the whole series, Hiro ALMOST getting the hook up. Damn you Syler, who cares if you destroy New York, just let Hiro have a chance with the ladies.

    Anyways, this was my favorite episode since the first one or two, simply because Niki wasn’t in it I think. Her story line is boring, I don’t find Ali Larter very interesting, maybe it’s just because of the part written for her. But the guy who plays Hiro ( I don’t feel like looking up his name) has to be a great actor, because it’s obvious he’s American, but plays the part of a native Japaneseman so amazingly well, all while being the most likable character on tv. Anyways…sorry I have a man-crush on him, but Charlie is smokin so that better work out.

    The whole thing with Claire’s dad showing how much he cares for her made me believe that there is some good in him. One random theory I have is that somehow he knows what heroes are needed to save the world, and can somehow make them into what he needs. Hmm…that doesn’t make much sense, but how can the marks and headaches be explained, along with that radiation man not having powers until they found him?

    That girl Mohinder used to bang was pretty hot too, I think I have a slight thing for Indian chicks (like the girl in ER/Bend it Like Beckham..damn she’s hot, and hooking up with John Stamos now too…okay I’ve started watching ER, go ahead and laugh). I wonder how her genetics background fits in with the theories..

    I guess that’s it, next weeks looks amazing…like it should be a season finale, but it’s not, right?

  2. I agree, Charlie is hot, hopefully Hiro does get to save her. I know i never comment but i have been watching the entire season….

    I love it, every episode. cause there i times i think something is goin to happen or i have a theory but proven wrong only to see things have taken another twist.

    Although i have to disagree with u josh, about the “boy” in Mohinder’s dreams. I believe that is his lil sister who is referenced by his mom when they have a heart to heart. Which would explain why the file was locked away in his fathers desk.

    The jury is still our for me as to Claire’s dad im not sure he’s a good guy or bad guy. I do think he’s twisted and isnt necessarily on the same side, but i think hes playing on the good guy side since it concerns the well-being of his daughter.

    I just hope next week isnt the end of the season….

  3. Well, I’m not sure where to start, but I’m real tired, so I’m not gonna try figuring out the best place.

    Raj, I’m not sure about the kid in Mohinder’s dreams being his sister. I think his sister would’ve been younger when she died. Not a bad thought, though, especially from you.

    I don’t know what to think about Claire’s dad anymore. I almost think he works for some agency aware of the “heroes” and wants to keep them monitored at all times and possibly use any who can be helpful and elminate or control any who show/prove harmful. I used to think he was out just to eliminate them all, including his daughter, but that’s not that case anymore. He could’ve killed Matt and Human Torch man, but he didn’t.

    The other night at Sheetz, I saw Heroes had the cover of Entertainment Weekly, so, I had to buy it. It has a pretty good article and some decent theories…

    It talks about how on the Nov. 27 episode, secrets will be revealed about the characters. It also says about Hiro: “…he’s jumped six months into the past to become a busboy at a Texas diner as part of a knight’s errand too spoilerish to explain in detail. Hiro’s romantic MO involves three gifts – a book, some flowers, and a gesture so elaborate that it requires him to muster his signature expression.”

    Then it talks about Masi (Hiro) being a 31 year old Brown graduate used to be a full-time special effects artist at George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic Studio, he did the work for The Perfect Storm, has an IQ above 180.

    Okay, I’m not gonna summarize the whole article, go buy it yourself or borrow it from me…

    I will type out the theories they have listed, though…

    #1 The current, official operating idea is this: in times of profound global crisis, forces of nature produce new kinds of people that can deal with the world’s problems. “But we reserve the right to change this theory as we go along,” says Kring, suggesting that scientific or maybe even extraterrestrial intervention is possible.

    #2 Niki is triple-timing as serial killer Sylar. It’s a popular notion among fans, but as Larter points out: “I don’t even think of her as having powers.” Nonetheless, Kring calls the Sylar-Niki connection “very viable.” The Nov. 27 episode, which reveals the roots of Niki’s schizoid nature, will settle the matter.

    #3 Horn Rimmed Glasses doesn’t want to stop human evolution – he’s just trying to slow it down so the heroes can grow into their mutatantdom. “Interesting,” is all Kring will say. Whatever his plan, you’ll see H.R.G. “get stressed out” during sweeps, says Coleman. “He’s trying to put out 100 fires at once.”

    #4 Hiro changes the future just by racing through time. But if that’s the case, hasn’t he already saved New York from disaster, per The Butterfly Effect? We’ll find out this month when Hiro’s rules of time travel are explaind. And Future Hiro’s sword? “It becomes a major part of the show,” says Kring.

    #5 Niki’s son, Micah, is creating the entire world in his head. There’s also the contention that an unseen comic-book writer is behind the action. But Kring swears there are no “It’s all in a snow globe” moments in store. As for Micah, Larter says he has powers, she knows what they are, and she ain’t telling.

    The article also says that the first half of the show comes to a close on December 4th and that new episodes return in January. It also says we’ll know how most of their characters discovered their powers and the identity of Sylar.

    Lastly, Tim Kring says the Grim Reaper will eventually strike, meaning some characters will be killed off the shows (ones who aren’t doing too well). But he said that’s a problem right now, they’re all doing really well.

    go to ew.com/heroespoll
    to vote for your favorite

  4. So yeah, it seems like everyone was digging Charlie and that no one wants her to die. She will die though, it will be the heroes test for Hiro, but Adam if EW was right, then he goes back for six months and befriends her and hopefully puts in her butt.

    Offord, there is nothing wrong with watching ER or wanting hot Indian chicks. There is something wrong with wanting ugly Indian chicks, but that is besides the point.

    This next part goes to Raj and to Ryan. Ryan did not post on here, but sent me an IM. He basically said the same thing as Raj (scary that another person is on the same wave length as Raj). Usually I will not trash someone’s theory, but I am sorry, this is not theory.

    The “boy” as you two called him, is played by Javin Reid, a boy from India. In the show he plays Iyer Sanjog. Mohinder’s sister’s name was Chanti, which if I am not mistaken would be a female version of his father’s name, Chandra.

    Anyways, there may be some explanation, maybe Chanti was able to transfer her mind into Iyer’s body, while he was in a coma, but who knows.

    I am going to tackle these EW theories:

    1) Global crisis does make sense. If there were reason for environmental pressure on the species, then maybe adaption could make the leap. If they go with alien/ET idea, well that was basically Rising Stars.

    2) I do not think she is Syler. Remember, Claire’s dad said that he knew who Syler was, but he just could not find or predict where he would strike. Mr. Bennett has been able to find the others somewhat easily. Although, he has not found Peter…do not worry, I am not jumping onto the Peter/Syler bandwagon just yet.

    3) I like calling him Mr. Bennett over HRG. Reminds me of Ray Bennett. Every great villian (I know, I already said this before) believes he is doing what is right. Striker believed he was doing the right thing. I believe he does work for an agency that is monitoring this “power” problem. Mr. Bennett will use the ones he can, and get rid of the ones he cannot. I am sure he would love to have DL working for NSA or CIA.

    4) I just wrote a ridiculously long theory, and just deleted it because I confused myself.

    5) I HATE this theory. I have read this online, and let me just say, if it turns out this way, I will be annoyed.

    The show Saint Elsewhere did the snow globe thing. The last episode revealed that the shows entire universe was set in the mind of a boy with autism. This idea is called the Tommy Westphall Universe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Westphall)

    The idea of this being the product of a comic book writer was also done in Grant Morrison’s critically acclaimed Animal Man comic book. In the story, Animal Man has all sorts of horrible things happen to him. His wife and children are murdered, etc. He tries to seek out God, and when he finds him, it is none other than Grant Morrison, who explains that he is nothing more than a comic book character. Grant tells AM that he had to kill his family off because the fan’s demanded it. Then he informs AM that this will be his final issue and to piss off the next writer, he will bring back Animal Man’s family and let things go back to the way they were.

    As you can see, I would be highly annoyed if they used either idea, since it shows no originality. So far this show has been a breath of fresh air, and I would like it to continue that way. There are elements of other comic books, but they are not dependent upon them. As I have said before, there are similarities between Heroes and Rising Stars, but they are just that, similarities.

    Anyways, as of now, I would have to say that Niki is my least favorite and I would not be upset to see her die. Especially now that it seems like her powers are super-strength, but only Jessica knows how to control them. If her power was something crazy, maybe I would be interested, but now I am not.

  5. Josh,

    The article in EW says that Tim Kring asked Lost co-creator, Damon Lindelof, for advice on the show. His first response was, “F**k, I wish I had thought of that. What was so surprising was how simple the concept was, yet it built upon a grander theme: the wish fulfillment of ordinary people suddenly realizing they were meant for something much greater.”

    Lindelof then suggested he check out Rising Stars by J. Michael Straczynski, who also created Babylon 5. So Kring did and put it right back down: “I was like, ‘This is the same idea! I’m not reading this!’ ”

    Straczynski says he’s not ruffled: “Everybody in comics…looks to what came before and builds upon it.”

    It also says that Straczynski is “shopping a Rising Stars TV series with director Sam Raimi. And what if the networks say, “Sounds too much like Heroes”? “Well, there’s always seppuku,” jokes Straczynski.”

  6. Yeah, I have known for awhile now that JMS is trying to get Rising Stars either on the Big Screen or onto TV. Rising Stars was basically an expanded idea off of Squadron Supreme.

    In the comic, an extraterrestrial event strikes a small town. All the children who were unborn, i think like 126 or something, all get superpowers. The government puts them in a school together, they are celebrities. Everyone wants to see what their powers will be. The first book deals with that, how some of them never got their powers, and as they grow up, someone is killing them because the more that die, the more the others increase in power. The second book is about a fullscale war between two of the groups. The third book is the best, and is a realization that with their powers they are meant for much more. Together they can help eliminate all of Earth’s problems. That is what they do, together they try to build Utopia…Anyways, I do not see Heroes turning out that way.

    If you read my Lost posts, Lindelof talks about how Lost is a comic book, and what kinds of stories he loves. It is natural that he would love this story.

  7. Josh, thanks for the clarification on that. I’m pretty sure ur right too about chanti being the female version of her fathers name. It’ll be interesting to see where they’re going with Mohinder’s Story. or if his dreams has to do with the possibility of recognizing that he might have his own powers causing him to then pursue his fathers dream and theories.

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