Heroes Part Nine

Holy balls! This was such a great episode. Where do I even start? Let me start with saying that the first eight episodes led up to this point, we finally get to save the cheerleader and hopefully save the world.

Claire wins homecoming queen because Zach campaigned for her and got her the freak vote. It was funny to hear him say the unpopular are the majority, mainly because should not the majority of people decide what is popular? But alas, that is not how society works…anyways, sorry about that. I guess a romance between Zach and Claire is out, since he is gay. Or maybe she will get him to switch teams, who knows. It was great seeing Claire punch Jackie, even though it was one of the worst screen punches ever. It still made me laugh, and that is all that counts.

Nathan finally receives Isaac’s painting from Linderman. He is with Simone, and he dumps paint all over it in order to protect Peter from getting hurt. When Peter comes by Simone shows him a picture of the painting, and we see Peter lying in front of the high school and he appears to be dead at 8:14.

Peter calls Hiro, but gets Ando instead. Peter tells him that he is catching a flight to Texas and Hiro should meet him. Unfortunately Hiro is still not back from his time jumping adventure. Ando notices the picture and asks the waitress about Hiro. She says that Charlie and Hiro were “real tight.” But, he skipped out a few weeks prior.

Eden refuses to inject Isaac with anymore drugs since his last painting does not seem to help them out. Mr. Bennett is angry and shows her pictures of what Syler can do, and he tells her that he will not let that happen to Claire. His method of protection? He grounds Claire, but not to fear, Zach comes to her rescue. Mr.B finds out and has to make his way to the school. At this time, Peter meets Ando, but still has no Hiro, and Peter informs Ando about his own bizarre power. So basically they are two normal guys, but Peter is still going to “save the cheerleader,save the world, probably die.” I think they should have added that to the mantra…

When Peter meets Claire, he is looking for Jackie since she was the town hero and Peter assumes she is the cheerleader he is meant to save. They have a nice discussion about the future and how life is better after high school. It was quite touching. It did tell us something though, Peter does not sense when he is around another HERO(I cannot think of a better word, and do not want to say mutant or freakshow…) Maybe someday he will notice changes, like a spidey-sense, but instead it would be his hero-sense.

Claire admits to Jackie that she was the one who saved the guy in the train wreck. Then the power goes out and Claire realizes they are not alone in the locker room. Syler comes and bats Claire out of the way and we see her slam into the wall and basically die. Syler also thinks Jackie is whom he seeks. He uses his mind-cutting power to slice her skull open, and then notices Claire healing herself.

He tosses Jackie aside like she was nothing but a five dollar crack whore, and not that there is anything wrong with crack whores, but c’mon Syler likes his chicks real freaky. So, bad jokes aside, Peter sees Claire and tells her to run. Syler starts tossing locker doors at Peter with his mind. I guess he was not close enough to Syler to absorb any of his power because he turns and runs. Peter and Syler fight and both fall of the bleachers, and we see Peter in the position from the painting.

Claire comes back to Peter, and he starts to absorb her power and he begins to heal himself. Unfortunately Syler is already gone. Claire goes to get help and runs into her dad. He says the cops will help out and she informs him that she has a secret. The cops show up, but they arrest Peter, which I am sure they will get things sorted out when Matt shows up and reads his mind that he is not Syler.

We then see Syler running into the woods and Eden is standing there looking real sexy. She definitely has some power because she tells Syler to sleep and he just goes down. Or maybe the Haitian just drugged him, I could not really tell.

The episode ends with Ando getting another cop of coffee and then the flash back six months earlier and we see Hiro getting coffee from Charlie and it is on her birthday. He tells her that he is there to save her life. So we are going to get to see where Hiro has been and what he has learned.

If you have noticed, I did leave some things out. Like DL and Micah’s story, as well as Mohinder. Their stories did not seem to mesh well with the episode. There was the gravity of trying to get to Claire, and then two other side stories. But do not fear, I will still discuss them.

Mohinder tells his friend that the boy, Sanjog Iyer, has been visiting him in his dreams. He knows now that his father Chandra had found one of them, and his power is that of a dream guide. Mohinder finds the kid playing soccer and Sanjog informs him that he does not go into people’s dreams, instead people come to him in dreams for answers. Mohinder asks what path he should take, but Sanjog gives the reply you already have your answer. Mohinder has another dream, and does anyone notice how much he falls asleep while working at his desk? What a slacker. He sees his father having the same argument with Nirand (his friend from earlier) about how he should not go down this path. Did it seem to anyone else that Nirand was trying really hard to get Chandra and Mohinder not to research this? Does he have some sinister connection with Linderman, or maybe Mr. Bennett?

Mohinder also sees an argument he had with his father about how he wanted to help him with his research and Chandra tells him no. Mohinder realizes now his father was trying to protect him. When he wakes up, the computer program asks if he wants to quit, he hits no and a password pops up. He tries a few things, then tries Shanti (which I was screaming at the TV). It is correct and it gives him a list of all the people with special powers. Did anyone notice one of them was from Frostburg, Maryland? My uncle lives close to Frostburg, and no I do not think he was the one with powers. Anyways, Mohinder decides to continue his father’s work and tells his mom that he is going to NYC.

Micah and DL had a pretty lame story. They talk for a bit, Micah informs him that Niki is sick, and then he tells DL about Jessica. They decide they will go back and try to save her. Micah then says how he had already told Niki where they were at. DL gets scared and starts to get in the car, as we pan back and see the camera like a rifle scope and there is Jessica holding the rifle she purchased. This thing can pierce armor at 400 yards, and as long as DL cannot see it coming he cannot phase through it, right? She pulls the trigger and the scene ends.

I did not like when Jessica bought the gun, the dude is like “two large.” She tosses him a roll of bills. So she just happened to have $2000 in her back pocket rolled up? Did the guy count it? I would. I am going to start paying for things like that. I will go to Best Buy and get a new stereo. At the register they will be like “That’ll be $2200.” And I will just toss the guy a roll of money, mostly ones, with like one hundred dollar bill on the outside. Think that will fly, I bet not my friends.

Also, IMDB has taken Sean Bean’s name off of Heroes. So I guess he was not Syler. The preview did not look like him at all, which I will post the preview later this week.

Okay, let me wrap this up. Actually it is wrapped up. It is now your turn to tell me what you thought.

6 thoughts on “Heroes Part Nine

  1. Offord wrote:

    I guess it will be easier to just number my observations/questions:

    1. I had a problem with Niki pulling out the exact wad when it happened too…

    2. My only disappointment with the episode, as I discussed with Adam, was that Sylar and Peter didn’t have a Matrix like Neo/Smith battle. Must be the budget…or that they wanted to show Peter had to be closer to get powers. Either way, they could have ignored the distance factor and had an awesome battle. So far the fight seems have been limited and weak, I can only hope the introduction of money and samurai swords will change that.

    3. Zach is the least gay acting gay person ever.

    4. Okay, my second biggest disappointment was Claire escaping the house. I mean, firstly it was the most predictable thing in the history of television. Secondly, it was the most predictable thing in the history of teenager being grounded, so how could Mr. Bennett possible miss out on that. Oh well, it had to happen I suppose. If he cared as strongly as he made out, he would have had lasers and attack dogs that shoot bees out of their mouths to take out Zach within nanoseconds of entering the yard, or maybe a robot Richard Simmons (I hope someone gets that).

    5. The Peter/Matt scene that will inevitably occur should be..awesome/weird? I’m sure at first Peter will be as shocked as Matt was when he first noticed his power, and when they start reading each other, all hell will break loose. I wonder if they will talk about the agent chick “behind her back.” What happened to Radioactive Man btw, I forget.

    6. By the way, did Peter not look cool as hell in the whole school scene, I thought so. I was begging for him not to die, so thank god. I was a bit off on how he survived because I thought he would absorb something from Syler to keep him alive.

    7. I think Mohinder is a good looking Indian guy…but I don’t really know what makes an Indian guy hot, just a random thought.

    8. Shouldn’t Syler know who Claire really was? Plus I think the clock was at 8:12, not 8:14…could be wrong though.

    9. I hope DL is dead…that storyline needs to stop, no offense to him or the actor playing him.

    10. I have mixed feelings about next week’s show and the whole learning how they got their powers…I mean, it’s kind of cool to leave it mysterious, and also I’d rather it be focused on Hiro and Charlie. Speaking of Hiro, he was on Conan last night. Apparently he was on the cover on Time magazine with a bunch of other smart Asians when he was a kid for being a genius. We also learned that he can bebopas he made a bunch of drum sounds with his mouth…interesting I guess. He talked about how he thought he would get ladies now that he’s famous, but instead it’s girls coming up to him and saying can you sign so and so for my boyfriend, he loves you! This is definitely a show aimed towards guys…except Allison I guess.

    I’m still pissed off about the potential Peter/Sylar fight…damnit I’m not gonna get over that one.

  2. I’ll just comment on all of Offord’s observations/questions…

    1. Josh and Jason, I also didn’t like the exact money thing.

    2. –

    3. I thought Zach might be gay, but, is that for sure yet?

    4. Yeah, I didn’t like Claire gettin out that easily either. There’s no way her dad would’ve allowed that to’ve happened.

    5. The Matt/Peter scenes should be cool, especially if they make jokes about people around them or whatever, but I doubt they will.

    6. Peter definitely looked pretty damn cool in the school (maybe even too cool for school? a ha ha). I think his character is gonna gain more and more confidence and become pretty damn BA.

    7. ?

    8. Probably yeah, but, a blonde girl wearing a cheerleading outfit… could easily be confused.

    9. I’m not that interested in his story either, but I doubt he died. I think since he can pass through things, things can pass through him as well. I bet the bullet went through him.

    10. Not sure what I’ll think of next week’s episode, probably what I’ve thought of the past 8: incredible.

    and more…

    11. In EW, it says something like “hint: the actor’s name playing Sylar is more than 10 points in Scrabble”, maybe they did that to squash the whole Sean Bean rumor..?

    12. This episode was kinda predictable, I thought. We knew Peter wouldn’t die, that he would be able to heal through Claire’s powers. I didn’t see him getting arrested, though. I guess his brother will hafta get him out of that… or, will he? I get this feeling his brother’s a bad guy. He never wants to agree with or help Peter; he wanted the painting covered; he’s in with Linderman; he’s a politician… haha. Maybe having Peter locked up will keep him from ruining his campaign or any any of his other plans. Maybe Hiro will get him out. Or, maybe Claire will somehow save him in return for helping her.

    Other predictable moments:
    – Claire winning homecoming queen and escaping her house
    – Shanti being the password and Mohinder hitting ‘no’
    – knowing Offord would be attracted to Mohinder eventually
    – okay, I can’t think of what else, and I don’t feel like watching the episode again to recall… but I definitely predicted a lot during the episode, and I’m usually not able to do that.

    Last thing: Does Eden have powers? Like some kind of mind control power? Or does she just have persuasive eyes and help from a Haitian?

    I’m sure I’ll have more to say in the next few days, I just can’t think right now, I’m too tired.

  3. Well you guys both seem to think Mr. Bennett should have had better tabs on his daughter. Remember though, in his families eyes, he works at a paper company. They might think it a bit weird that he has laser and satellite surveillance. Plus, does he really think some kid is going to show up with a ladder to get his daughter out?

    I did not think the fight between Syler/Peter was bad. It is too early for the battle between Syler and whoever he fights. We do not know who he is, so it will not be epic. I also think that once Eden/Mr. Bennett get control of Syler, they will teach him to better use his abilities. The ensuing fight when he escapes, will take the combined effort of all the heroes.

    Yes, I think Eden has powers. It is probably some kind of mental suggestion thing. Or the ability to make people sleep.

    Gideon and I discussed the shows predictability in an earlier post. It is a good predictability though, it follows logical leaps. Unlike Lost, where you try to predict what will happen and they go so far in a different direction that it becomes confusing.

    Yeah, Peter will truly become BA. I do not think Nathan will become bad though. He just wants to be a congressmen. He has blind ambition. Anyways, I do not believe it will be Hiro or Nathan who rescues Peter from the cops. It will either be Matt or Mr. Bennett/Eden. Mmmm, if it was Eden, that would be awesome because she seems pretty whoreish…

  4. Why do people keep hatin on the exact payment thing? Ive witnessed plenty of illicit pay-offs go down over the years and i find it perfectly within the realm of good reason that someone would pay above the cost of an item to get something they really wanted. if in niki’s mind she was willing to pay 6 grand for the gun she was gonna get, and she loves the gun so much when she gets her hands on it, well when the guy says it costs 5 her mind says “score!” and she gives him the whole shebang. no skin off her back in the long run.

    i mean, if some dude was sellin wii’s out the back of his car and the possession of one was illegal, when i went up to him and he said “$270.62” (price with tax) i’d throw the $300 i had rolled up in my pocket at him and take off down the street, laughing maniacally. but thats just me…

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