Heroes Part Seven

The episode started with Peter and Simone’s dad talking, and Peter telling him he could fly. He jumps out of the window and the camera soars around NYC and then Peter wakes up. Claire’s nerd friend finds the tape, which probably means her dad put it back. Unfortunately for Claire her little brother might decide to watch it.

Niki wakes up and realizes that Micah is gone. It was like a two minute scene of her looking around and then telling the red headed slut that Micah was gone. Sorry, but I am not really that interested in her story anymore, although she is still hot.

Matt was about to tell his wife about his powers, and then she starts thinking crazy things like “oh no, how does he know.” He decides to just go to work. I bet she has an STD.

Did anyone notice the Motorola commercial that Bo Bice sang for? I guess he was too good for Eat ‘n Park, but not too good for Motorola. What a loser. Sorry, I usually do not watch commercials, but just feel like it today.

Okay, Claire’s brother stapling her was great. What better way to test if your sister is a freak than by shooting her with a staple gun. It works out for him too, if she is not a freak then he gets to laugh at her staple scar. If she is a freak then he at least knows the truth.

How anticlimatic. Syler is some dude. I hope that it turns out to be fake, and that there is some twist to who he is. At least Clea DuVall is back, I think I am the only one who is attracted to her, but oh well.

Oh yeah, and something else, how is Linderman connected to everything? Did you notice that he is the one who bought the painting of Isaacs? Plus gave Nathan money. He is most likely bad, but still has something to do with everything.

DL and Hiro helping the car crash folks was pretty damn sweet. I enjoyed watching DL slip his hand into the glass. Hiro still cracks me up, “why couldn’t I have super-strength too.” Hiro’s power has been the hardest to convince everyone of so far, since when he stops time, only he can move through it.

Nathan’s wife is a crip, and not like the gang members, but in a wheelchair. It seems like Nathan was driving and must have wrecked, which caused her to be in the chair. Great to see that Nathan is so ashamed of his brother that he gets angry that he shows up for imaginary everyday brunch. Peter was great though, saying they should fly around the Statue of Liberty. Then telling the writer that he got an earful for wearing cords. Hopefully Nathan will help him get ahold of Linderman.

Matt and Clea go to see Syler, but he is not home. I think Clea must be kind of an embarassment to the FBI, since she does not have backup or some taskforce. Now Syler’s power consists of being able to burn things with radiation? They will need Peter to get near him and use his powers against him, especially if Hiro comes around and freezes time. If they combine, all of them, they would really be great fighting together.

Claire and Zack get her brother out of the SUV. He gives up the tape when Claire explains they will not be family anymore. Zack did not really help the situation, but he made me laugh, especially when he says they are going to anal probe him.

Peter was great when lying to the reporter about why they went to Vegas. I guess Nathan will have to help him now.

The Sprague guy was not Syler. Good thing too, but he is also one of our superpeople. He gives off radiation, he can burn people or whatever. But, Matt proves to be the hero by reading his wife’s mind. The guy settled down, but then she died, so who knows.

Niki/Jessica threatens the Red-Headed Slut after breaking the mirror. I guess Jessica will start tracking DL now, I wonder if she has the strength to lift a bus. I would love to see her toss a bus at DL and him pass through it. Although I doubt that this show has the budget for that one.

Matt called his wife and actually talked to her, well the machine, and actually said how he felt without reading her mind. Hopefully, everything will be fine.

Nathan tells Peter about the kidnapping, and Peter does not believe him, how odd that he wants everyone to believe him, but will not believe his brother was kidnapped and that people may want to hurt them.

Whoa, I knew Micah was one of them. He has some connection to machines. He also knows about Jessica and that she is not her mom. DL vs. Niki part zwei. This time she is going in ready, lock and load bitches. Sorry, I listened to Denis Leary the other day…

Matt finds out that his friend/partner is banging his wife and the punches the dude in the mouth. I wonder how he will handle this with his wife? Plus, Clea got him another exam for detective, and some special interview. Maybe they could team and be like the X-Files.

On a side note, it is Tim Sale who does the paintings for the show. Tim Sale is an extraordinary comic artist. He is best known for his work with Jeph Loeb on Spider-Man: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow, and Hulk: Grey. Also, their monumental Batman: The Long Halloween and Dark Victory stories were incredible, as was Superman: For All Seasons.

Again, I did not see the preview for the next episode. Will they be going on hiatus? Did they only shoot the first seven episodes in case the show tanked? On IMDB it originally said that most of the actors only filmed seven. Hopefully we do not have to wait too long for another episode.

3 thoughts on “Heroes Part Seven

  1. I thought this episode was only kind of eh when compared to ones past. plotlines did progress, but it just didnt seem that exciting to me.

    i think that matt seems to be able to prove his power a little too easily on this show. i mean, besides the comment about the picnic that one day, everything statement he passed on from the comatose wife sounded pretty generic. i couldve come up with that if the situation arose. oh well, i guess its just easier for the writers. just like that whole thing where he was handed the pill that magically reversed radiation poisoning. my roomie and i were rollin on the floor at that one, especially since we just got finished watching 24 season 2 where george mason was in a hot zone for about 4 seconds and for the next 10 episodes he pretty much disintigrated from the inside out. but a pills a nice tidy way to just make all that go away.

    and im curious as to what micahs powers could be. judging from what he did, it could be anything from just being able to fix things to being a full fledged magneto. i think the writers left it open cuz even they werent sure where to take it yet.

    i do fear theyre gonna start introducing too many characters. the episodes are only 42 mins long. you cant possibly provide character development for 15 different people in that time frame. i won’t be too quick to judge though, since they havent done a bad job as of yet.

    and with regards to next week (or whenever the next episode is) it alludes to the possibility that claires dad isnt as bad as the editing of the show has made him out to be, which would suck since i kinda liked hating him. i guess i can still hate him if he’s a good guy, though.

    and am i the only one who thinks rena sofer (heidi petrelli) has the best eyes ever? i could easily swim a coupla laps in those things…

  2. Gideon, I agree, Heidi Petrelli’s eyes were meant for swimming laps… ? I don’t even know what that means, but they are nice.

    Josh, all the previews have been on youtube.com, including the episode for next week. Anyway, did you write your comment AS you watched the episode? If so, please stop that. It’s weird reading what happened, your thoughts and predictions on what happened, what happened next then whether or not your predictions were right. It’s actually a little confusing. Oh, and Clea Duvall is not attractive, sorry.

    Anyway… Matt would have an awful time having conversations over the phone. How would he distinguish between thoughts and actual things said?

    I’m not sure what to think of the beginning where Peter flew out the window. I thought he could only mimic someone’s ability when they were near? Or, is he able to retain their ability for good once mimicked? If that’s not the case, were they implying Simone’s father was capable of flying? “I HAVEN’T BEEN THIS CONFUSED SINCE THE ENDING OF THAT LAST KEVIN COSTNER MOVIE! HOW DOES HE KEEP GETTING WORK??!” (A little Family Guy add-in)

    My favorite characters are still Hiro and Peter. I always look forward to their parts. Did anyone notice Hiro was speaking a little English? Not a big deal, just thought I’d throw that out there. Peter saved his brother’s ass at the brunch. It’s too bad Nathan’s still a complete tool belt brother in return.

    I don’t really have any predictions, I’m not sure what Micah’s capable of, I hope we start seeing more of the characters actually using their powers (especially ones involving more special effects).

    In the words of Double P, “That’s all folks!”

  3. Gideon…yeah, the pill thing cracked me up and i definitely thought about 24 season 2 as well. It reminded me of Thank You for Smoking when Rob Lowe says “oh that’s an easy fix, we just write one line of dialogue where someone says ‘thank god we invented the whatchamacallit.'” And yeah, I thought from the beginning that Matt would have troubles proving his powers.

    Claires dad is fun to hate. He is a very cool bad guy. As Jim Krueger (a great comic writer) once said, if you want to write a good villian, you have to remember that he does not think he is evil. The villian must believe he is doing the right thing.

    Yes, Rena Sofer had incredible eyes. I dove in, and seriously needed a lifeguard to come in to save me.

    Adam…Peter flew out the window during a dream. I do not think he understands his powers yet, but at some point it will start to make sense to him. I wonder what his limit? Like if he gets ten feet away he loses them. So if he is flying, he would have to stay close to Nathan…

    And yes, I apologize to everyone who hates this format, I will not do it again.

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