Heroes Part Ten

Let me tell ya all about this episode. The episode was titled “Six Months Ago.” You can imagine what it was about. The show starts where the last one ended, with Hiro arriving back in time at the diner to save Charlie. He tries to explain to her that he is from the future, but she does not listen to him. He gets a job as a busboy there, and buys her the phrasebook which she referenced the first time we meet her. He buys her and him tickets to visit Japan. The day they are to leave, she tells him about a blood clot in her brain that she has, and that she is dying. She tells Hiro that she loves him, and he goes to kiss her, but ends up teleporting back to Japan. He is on a roof, with his coworkers doing calisthenics. One of them asks why he is not with Ando in America…

Matt pulls over a chick in a Ferrari, and it turns out to be Eden. She was drinking and says she stole the car. He asks her to step out of the car, but she uses her cool voice power to make him sit in his car and eat donuts. The Haitian is seen in front of her car, and the next time we see them is with Mr. Bennett. She tries to use the voice on him, but it does not work. He tells her she can leave and probably wind up dead, or she can use her powers for him…

We find Chandra in NYC seeking out a humble watch-maker. The kid listens to his watch and says it is broken. He says he can hear when things are broken (similar to one of the Inhumans powers, which is to look at things and see their flaws.) Chandra runs tests on him, but cannot find any abnormality. Gabe explains how he used to wish he was extraordinary, that he would even make up new names for himself. Chandra tells him he is not special, and Gabe gets angry and leaves, but first takes the address of one Chandra’s files.

Gabe calls the man, and he visits him at his shop. The guy can move objects with his mind. Gabe remembers Chandra saying that the key was the brain, and he says he can hear the problem in his brain. He grabs a blunt object and kills the man (his name was Brian, I think, which is an anagram of brain…) The name Gabe gave Brian is Gabrielle Sylar. He then visits with Chandra and shows him his new telekinetic powers. He seems very excited to help Chandra track down the rest.

Before that, Chandra called Mr. Bennett and he comes to NYC to discuss things with Chandra. Mr. Bennett says he will consider talking to his daughter about trying to figure out if she has powers. Mr. Bennett is learning she does have powers, because she has a fight with Jackie, and accidentally breaks a window. She gets stitches, and when she is talking to her dad, who says Jackie is a bitch, they take a look at the cut, and it is completely healed. Mr. Bennett sends Eden to NYC to make sure Claire’s name is off Chandra’s list.

Peter graduates from nursing school and Nathan, Mommy Dearest, and Nathan’s Hot Wife (who is not in a wheelchair) show up for the party. Nathan talks to Peter about how the DA wants him to try and go after Linderman, especially since Linderman has connections to their father. When Nathan and Wife leave the party, Nathan is driving and a big truck tries to ram his car off the road. His ability to fly kicks in and he flies above the vehicles, causing his car to crash. Peter wakes up and his phone rings, he then rushes to the hospital. He knows there was another car involved. Nathan says how his wife is in surgery, and he thinks it was Linderman’s men. He wants Peter to give a deposition about their father, and he agrees to it. The day of the deposition, Nathan shows up at Peter’s and tells him it will not be happening because their father had a heart attack.

Niki is an alcoholic. At a meeting, she sees her father and he says he wants to meet Micah. Later she goes to a graveyard and DL comes to see her. She says she misses Jessica, her sister. Her father comes over and apologizes for things he did when he was drunk. Niki does not remember what he did that was so bad. He gives Micah a laptop and says he will pay for his tuition at a private school. When he goes to see how Micah is coming along with the laptop, he finds Micah taking it apart and he freaks out. DL and Niki tell him not to yell at Micah and Pappy gets mad and leaves. Niki shows up at her dad’s house and says that she is actually Jessica. Jessica takes over Niki whenever her dad would come to beat her, which is why Niki does not remember any of it. She lifts him with one arm by the throat and throws him to the bed. She gives him back his check and tells him to stay away from Niki.

Matt is sitting in his car eating donuts when his old partner (the guy banging his wife) pulls up and tells him to take the Detective Test. He goes home and his wife wakes up and he says he failed the test. He says how he is a joke because he can barely read and words appear backwards to him. She says he is her hero, but he shrugs it off, this is probably the point where she starts banging his friend.

Hiro makes it back to the diner and Ando hugs him. Ando asks if he teleported back, and Hiro says no, he took the bus. Ando asks why he does not go back and try to fix it again, but Hiro says no, he cannot go back and change time. This makes me wonder if he could not teleport because the timestream would not allow it? I think Einstein postulated that if you went back in time, you would not be able to change it, something would happen that not allow you to change time.

I think I was right about how Sylar eats the brains, or at least whatever the broken part is. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Haitian’s powers? Does he negate powers? This was supposed to tell us more about Jessica and Niki’s powers, but all it does is bring up more questions. Is Niki crazy? Did she somehow absorb the soul of Jessica, who had superstrength?

I had not noticed, but I guess the number 9 is significant. In an interview with CBR the writers say that people need to try and look into the number nine. You all should check out the article. Anyways, as always let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Heroes Part Ten

  1. Offord:

    I’m too busy to comment for the time being, I just wanted to put a post up because ‘0 Comments’ looks lonely.

    1 more episode until January 🙁

    Okay…more to come I’m sure.

  2. husband, you yell at me when I don’t post….but I didn’t watch Heroes again on Monday. I don’t know why I do that to myself, watching it online is as fun as sitting in a room with Raj all day (sorry, man. it was the best way to get my point across.). Plus I didn’t want your comments to look lonely either.

  3. I think its funny that this episode didnt really explain much of anything. The previews hinted that we’d learn a thing or two, but more questions arose than were answered.

    The main info we got all concerned sylar, so some things were resolved regarding where he came from, but wwe still dont technically know what his powers are, or exactly what he’s doing with those brains. does he eat em? does he have some weird juicer that he uses to make brain smoothies? thatd be pretty sweet.

    wait my dads here. gotta go…

  4. does anyone have theories on the 9 mentioned in the article josh linked? I can’t figure out what it is.

    I thought this episode was pretty cool. I think the dude playing sylar is freakin’ creepy though. and he looks like a guy I dated in high school….which does not up the creep factor at ALL. but uh….yeah….I don’t know that he necessarily eats the brains (because that’s disgusting, unless he adds fruit and ice cream and has himself a little smoothie) but somehow he’s using the brains to add to his abilities. Which we figured out weeks ago. how else do you absorb the power though? is he shooting it up? throwing it on the grill with a little cilantro and lime marinade? why would he want charlie’s power? out of everyone’s (barring niki) charlie’s seems the least valuable.

    I’d like to also point out that Claire is 17. No 17-year old girl would continue to collect teddy bears until they took over her bed.

    hmm. I’m very disappointed that tomorrow’s episode is the last one til next year. now Monday is once again pointless.

  5. Gideon…I agree that it did not explain Niki/Jessica like they said it would, but overall it gave us an understanding of Sylar and how to spell his name…

    Allison…i did a little research into the number 9, but could not find anything worthwhile.

    You both made me hungry while reading this, i guess i hafta go get some food and probably a smoothie…

    Charlie’s power is useful to someone like Sylar. Especially if his ultimate goal is to kill Hiro and take his power. Being able to absorb as much knowledge as possible, especially in regards to his powers, would make him that much more dangerous.

    They just mean that new episodes will start again in January or February, right? That’s what I thought they kept saying…if i have to wait until next september I will hang myself.

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