5 thoughts on “Heroes Poll

  1. My favorite was Hiro, obviously, and my least favorite was Micah. I’m sure he has cool powers, I just don’t care for know-it-all kids. I could do without him on the show

  2. who the hell voted for Micah as their favorite character? what kind of pedophiles are gallavanting through your blog?

    I still haven’t watched Heroes yet. I feel slighted by NBC (for putting it on while I have things to do) and by my vcr (for being a worthless bitch) and this blog (because I can only make stupid comments like this).

  3. My favorite was Hiro, and my least was nathen. Hiro cus i think he’s got a cool power and one of the best storylines to watch. Nathen cuz he’s a dumb ass for not takin his brother seriously and for bein a whiny bitch!

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