Idiot Fans

It looks like the Eagles season is over. Donovan McNabb is injured for the season, which is great for normal people everywhere because Philly fans will fade from existence.

It is funny how Steelers fans and Eagles fans have one thing in common: they both give up on their teams when they are losing. After thinking about it, I decided to list things I hate, and like, about both groups.

Eagles Fans
-I think we can all agree, girls who like football are hot! Eagles chicks are generally much better looking than Steelers girls. No offense to any Steelers girls, but on average Eagles girls are much better looking.

-That being said, Eagles girls are so goddamn annoying, it actually make me sick. They never say anything intelligent. They just spew stupidity.

-E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES! I hate chants. This one is the worst. You can spell, good for you cocksmack. Shut up and let me enjoy the game.

-They jump on and off bandwagons better than anyone. When T.O. was supposedly going to Baltimore, a coworker and avid (IDIOT) Eagles fan told everyone that it would be terrible because T.O. would bring any team down. What happened when he come to Philly? Superbowl talk and how T.O. was the best receiver ever, blah blah blah.

Steelers Fans
-Also have some really stupid fans. People who sit around screaming at TVs about clear cut penalties. I know people who do this, they will scream about someone being called for holding, that the refs are blowing the game, yet you can clearly see the lineman basically picking up a defender.

-They say dumb things like “One for the thumb.” Or their witty retort to Eagles fan is always the same, about how they have five championships. First off, you do not have any rings. Secondly, if you were born after 1980, you did not witness them win anything until last year, and it was not a spectacular victory.

Well that is about all I have for now. Tell me what you do not like about either fanbase, or what you like.

13 thoughts on “Idiot Fans

  1. you leave Steeler girls out of this. I can’t believe you’d rank them below Eagles skanks.

    I’m totally kidding, I don’t give a shat about either team. Or football, really.

  2. I am just speaking on my experience here in State College. Maybe it’s Allentown girls, they are generally hot. LAY-trobe chicks are also very hot wifey.

  3. Well, J, I agree with most of what you wrote. Both team’s fans only seem to be true fans when their team is winning.

    I’m not sure whether or not Eagles girls or Steelers girls are hotter. I know more people from the Pittsburgh area and therefore more hot girls, but, it does seem like there’re a lot of hot Eagles girls runnin around. Maybe I think that because I like brunettes, and a lot of girls from Philly are Italian-American gals, or whatever, brown hair, dark, you know what I mean. Who knows. Most girls who act like big fans usually don’t know shit about football and just yell obnoxious and dumbass things anyway during games.

    Ya wanna know someone who pisses me off when it comes to football? Mom. She acts like everyone who plays for Pittsburgh is a great person and anyone who doesn’t is an asshole. For example, she hates TO, Chad Johnson, Steve Smith, and especially Ray Lewis. She HATES Ray Lewis, but she LOVES Joey Porter. Hmm… both awesome, both cocky as hell, both linebackers. If Porter played for any other team, she’d be like, “Ew, I hate that Joey Porter. Someone needs to break his leg when he does that stupid kick.” But, since he’s a Steeler, she loves it.

    Most Steelers fans bitch and complain about Eagles fans being loud and obnoxious. But, Steelers fans aren’t much different. They have the cute little Steelers songs blasting all the time, they chant “Here we go” chants. In the past 4 years, I’ve lived with 14 different guys. 4 of them were Steelers fans, 3 Eagles, 1 Giants, 1 Jets, and the others didn’t really care. Believe it or not, the two New York fans were the best fans. I mean, they stuck by their team no matter what. They didn’t make excuses. And they were willing to admit and/or agree, both of which Steelers fans and Eagles fans have a very hard time doing.

    I don’t really care when the Steelers or Eagles fans win or lose, since I’m a Broncos fan, but seeing them both have bad seasons does make things pretty peaceful around here.

    Oh, and when it comes to fans jumping on bandwagons, I’ll get accused of that come playoffs, just like every year.

  4. Adam…nah, when the Broncos make the playoffs, i will be the first to defend you that you are always a true Denver fan.

    you may be right about eagles girls, they are usually italian-american, and kind of dark skinned/dark haired hot….

    if you go to, they have all sorts of articles about Joey Porter is a dick. Didn’t his dogs kill someone or something this year? I bet mom had no problem with that…I actually cannot stand joey porter. ray lewis is by far much better and in fact, a better person, did you see him doing his charity shit in Africa?

    yeah though, Mom has a tendency to act like Steelers are so great, and everyone else is horrible. Steve Smith stays up all night puking with his kid, then gets 140 yards while puking. I bet they thought he was some pussy or something, yet if BigBen did that, he would be the greatest QB since Brett Starr. oh wait, Pittsburgh fans already think that…

  5. oh yeah, and i got so annoyed last year by those stupid steelers songs, like “Here we go,blah blah blah, Pittsburgh’s going to the superbowl.”

    or that dumb Polomolu song….

  6. I apologize for posting a reply while intoxicated…I will never make a Brett Starr reference again, since I must have meant Bart Starr, or even Brett Favre, who knows…

  7. Mommy–

    Now that you both have pissed me off I feel the need to defend true Steeler fans. I have been a Steeler fan since 1977, way before either of you were born. I root for them whether they are in 1st place or last place.And yes there are idiot fans out there but I would have to say they are there for every team and every sport. I’m sure Adam if you went to Denver you’d see some real dick Bronco fans.
    Speaking of dicks…yes I agree Joey Porter is one but he can also back up most of what he says. I’m sorry but I have a real problem with someone who has someone killed being allowed to play pro football. What kind of message are we sending to our kids? As for this Smith guy, who the hell is he?? And lastly, TO, come on the guy has some serious problems. I’m not sure you can even call him a dick he’s more of a mental case.

  8. Yes Mom, we understand you were a Steelers fan before Adam and I were born. In fact there was probably a lot of things you did before us, SINCE you were born first…

    Steve Smith. Nevermind, I will not explain who he is. Probably the best WR in football, but he does not play for Pittsburgh, therefore he does not exist.

    If you look up Joey Porter online, you will see his pitbulls killed a horse. He was also fined for threatening an official…yeah, he’s a great guy.

  9. hey, yeah, i totally agree man. i’ve been an niners fan since i was little. i still have all of my 49ers stuff, and still hope. in fact, they’ve won 3 in a row! which is impressive, considering. i will also support adam’s denver bona fides!

    i also want to address your comments about big ben. i’ve said since his first season, that he’s overrated, and have felt that philip rivers was the best qb of that draft class in the short term, although, eli may develop into a great quarterback, but rivers was the best i think.

    big ben just makes a lot of mistakes, and he was right when he attributed their losing games to his poor performance. there are times when i think that he doesn’t seem to know what to do out there, or like he doesn’t know what the defense is doing, and these situations arise more often than they should. they were lucky to win the superbowl, considering his performance in that game.

    i think that calling steve smith the best receiver in the game is a pretty accurate statement, but one that i would agree with, however i think that both both colts starters (wayne and harrison) are tough competition–both are great at running routes, holding onto the ball, and reading and reacting to defenses. so is smith, which is what makes him excel compared to the TO’s and ocho cinco’s. johnson will run sloppy routes sometimes, and TO drops balls that he should catch, and for that matter, so does randy moss because he’s “sad.” i’d put hines ward in the top 5 too, i like receivers that block, but i like tough guys as players.

    have a nice night!

  10. Offord:

    I know a lot of Steelers fans and none of them are obnoxious bandwagoners…However, I was at the bar section of my restaurants bar watching the game against the ravens by myself, waiting for my shift to start, and there was this group of like 10 girls and a few guys. First of all, the bar at this place is not a ‘rowdy’ one, there arent cheering fans or anything like that. Well, the girls were insane. They had these handclapping devices that were loud as hell, and the one girl used it after almost every play. She found something good about every play, like OOOO he got tackled HARD! or WOW he gained 2 yards!!…They were losing like 58 to -20 and she was still cheering tackles and 5 yard runs. Plus, if anyone saw the play when Hines Ward fumbled but it was called an incomplete pass and it was reviewed by Baltimore to say he caught it then fumbled, the girl was yelling at the tv that it was a catch. One of her guy friends quietly noted that we didnt want him to have made the catch…she started yelling that it WASNT a catch..dumb bitch.

    So yes, there are some out there, but as a whole Steelers fans know and respect the game, don’t let a few bad apples ruin it for all of us.

  11. Trust me offord, i know there are plenty of us Steelers fans who are not morons. BUT, go to the darkhorse on a monday night when the Eagles are playing, and listen to the stupidity that ensues. Not, from just Eagles fans, but Steelers fan who happen to be at the bar.

    I would imagine every team has stupid fans. Just as every team has bandwagon fans too. James and I talked about how this year you saw alot more Mets hats around campus than previous years. Before this year James knew of 4 people who were Mets fans in State College, one of which was the Taxi driver who comes to EatnHell and gets a bunch of crackers with his soup.

    Imler, did you see on espn today, the poll was which QB should be benched? They (the average viewer) voted well over 48% for BigBen, much higher than Eli.

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