Lost: Episode 305

Last night I never got the chance to watch Lost. I tried watching it tonight, but I am now convinced that the cable in this building is really weak, so I may call D&E and see about a power booster or something. Now I am watching it on abc.com. It is taking forever to load each piece, so while it does, I figured I would talk about what has happened.

We see Eko and his brother as children and a nun wants Eko to confess for stealing food for his brother. Then they force us to sit through the scenes of how his brother died and Eko faked being a priest (probably how they were able to say that this episode would have less commercials, they just filmed less and used more stock footage). Eko’s brother comes and tells Eko he must confess and then the building catches fire. What kind of freaky island causes everyone to see dead people? Who wins, Zombie Boone, Zombie Jack’s Dad, or Zombie Yemi (is that his name?) I put my money on Zombie Jack’s Dad, because he is probably still drunk.

Jack was able to deduce/bluff that Ben has the tumor, and could you see the fear in his face when Jack told him? The funeral was kind of weird, anyone know what song that was? Locke seems like he may be back to his weird, enigmatic self, which is something I like. He and Sayid need to rescue everyone and then get back to being normal. Going to the other hatch and communicating seems like a good idea, but that will just end badly.

Will Jack help Ben? I hope he does, and then decides to kill the prick. That cheeseburger looked good, maybe I will go eat after this…sorry about that tangent. Eko still scares the smoke monster. You would think smoke monsters would have no fear, but I guess large black men scare everything. Reminds me of the movie Shoot to Kill where Sidney Pottier scares a grizzley bear away, and Tom Beranger says “How did you do that?” and Sid responds “Everyone else up hear is afraid of a black man, why would the bear be any different.” If anyone has ever seen that movie, and knows I messed up the quote, well I am sorry, okay not really, but anyways.

Nikki and Paulo join the group. Sweet, I hope the smoke monster eats Paulo and sleeps with Nikki.

Speaking of Nikki, she is really hot.

Anyways, we see the dude with the eye patch staring at the camera and Locke lets us know that he knows they are coming, it was quite anticlimatic really. Then Eko goes to make his confession and confesses that he is not sorry. Yemmy must not have been really Yemmy. My guess he was the smoke monster, it can change form maybe, especially if it has their genetic code, which would have been left on the body when Eko burnt it. Okay I am grasping at straws here, but it was cool watching Eko smashed around by smoke. I also hope the smoke monster does not read my blog because then maybe I will be next.

Eko tells Locke that they are next, which does not bode well for Paulo. I doubt anyone really likes him and he is not hot like Nikki.

Well everyone, that is it for me, I will try to post about the preview when I get a chance to watch it.