Lost: Episode 306

This was the last episode until February. Did it seem to anyone else that the commercials were really long this episode? I am sure it was still the normal 42 minutes, but it felt like they were going to commercial many times. Anyways onto what I thought.

First we start with Locke and the group over on Eko’s side. Locke tells the group they will bury Eko where they found him, since everyone else in the group was having too many funerals. Locke tells everyone that he will go get shovels, and Sayid tells him he should not go alone. Locke informs Charlie, Hurley, Sayid, Paulo, and the extremely gorgeous Nikki that it was probably a bear or another animal that killed Eko. When Locke and Sayid are away, Sayid asks what killed Eko. Locke informs him that it was what everyone calls the Monster. They go on about it for a bit and it really was nothing too important. As they bury Eko, Locke tells a crappy prayer and starts to use the Jesus Stick as a headstone, he sees one of the inscriptions, it says something like “open your eyes, and look North.” Also, under it was the name John. Which would be attributed to the book of John quote that is above it, but because of the angle, it seems like it is meant for John…and since we all know that Locke believes everything is connected and happens for a reason, he now has a new obsession.

Anyways, lets get to the really good stuff. Jack is explaining the situation to Ben about how the tumor is expanding and the surgery needs to happen soon. Then he tells them how he will not do it. Juliet brings Kate to see Jack. There is a great little reunion, until Kate starts telling Jack that he must do the surgery or they will kill Sawyer. SuperStubbornJack screams a bunch and tells her to leave.

Once Kate realizes that Sawyer is going to die, she sneaks out of her cage and tries to break Sawyer out. He then explains to her that they are on yet another island. She kisses him and then they start going at it like wild monkeys on X. I guess Allison and whoever else said Sawyer would be the first to score with Kate was right.

Someone lets Jack out of his room and he sneaks into the control room (was it Juliet, or Russo’s daughter), where he grabs a gun and then sees the monitor of Kate and Sawyer snuggling. Ben comes from behind and tells him he always thought Jack would be the one to get Kate. Jack informs they will do the surgery tomorrow, but only if they get him off the island.

During surgery, Picket leaves to go kill Sawyer. He has him out of the cage and on his knees. But, at that moment, Jack saves the day. He cuts Ben’s kidney sack and informs everyone that Ben has one hour to live. He gets them to call Picket and he gives the walkie talkie to Kate. Jack informs her to go, that she will be safe for an hour. His last word before the end of the episode was “RUN!”

The flashback sequence this episode was about Kate. How she was once married to a cop, and her name was Monica. The cop was Nathan Fillion, from Serenity/Firefly. Kate was extremely happy and then she had to go and mess it up. She called the marshall who was tracking and asked him to leave her alone. He says he would, if she can stay put and settle down. He then tells her that he knows she cannot. And sure enough, as domestic bliss settles in, Kate freaks and decides to poison good ol’ Kev. This was one of those flashbacks that really shows us why Kate is the way she is. Has the island changed her? Is she willing to finally stop running and just settle down? Could Sawyer be the guy worth not running for.

The preview shows Jack threatening everyone in the room saying that he will let Ben die. Desmond telling Hurley that he does not understand the things he has seen or where he has been. I would like to think the second part of the season will give us answers to a few questions, but somehow I really doubt it. After reading what Damon Lindelof said in the introduction to Robert Kirkman’s comic, Invincible. He says:
“I like my stories complicated and sprawling. I want surprises. I want to be rewarded for being a loyal reader.”

I think that gives you an idea of what we are in for. He will draw this out, give us tons of plot lines, and when he wraps one up, we will not notice because we will have twenty others to think about.

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