Spider-Man 3

Here is the Spider-Man 3 Trailer. Tell me it does not make you want to pee your pants in excitement???

One of my favorite parts of the preview is when Spidey is holding Sandman’s face against the train, and you see the tiny bits of being smashed off his face. Thomas Hayden Church looks awesome as Sandman.

Here is my prediction: Harry (Green Goblin II) will kill MJ. In the original comics Norman (GGI) killed Gwen Stacy. But, Gwen was introduced long before MJ. Peter was dating Gwen. When Stan Lee killed her off people were outraged, but it helped shape Peter’s life even more. If they were to do a fourth movie, which I am sure they will, killing MJ would lead us down a whole new set of stories.

Anyways, this movie should turn out fantastic. Raimi has done an amazing job, and I only wish every comic movie franchise would strive for the perfection as he does.

2 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3

  1. I peed!!!

    yeah, I haven’t had time to comment lately. Mellon has blocked a lot of things from us lately and I don’t want blogger to be next so I try not to get on too much.

    I might be in state college next weekend, some friends wanted to know if I wanted to come up with them for the game. I might come up and just not go to the game…not sure yet. Will you be working all weekend?

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