Sports Stupidity

-Albert Pujols, who is quickly overtaking Barry Bonds as biggest dick in baseball, said he deserved the MVP because Howard’s Phillies did not make the playoffs. I guess he forgot that if the Phillies were in the NL Central, the Cards would not have made the playoffs. Do not get me wrong, I think Pujols should have won, but be a gracious loser, don’t be a jackass about it.

Bobby Bonilla is on the Hall of Fame Ballot. He is on the Pirates website as if he is a contender. I love that the Pirates fail to mention that Ripken, Gwynn, and even McGwire are on the ballot.

-Ohio State men’s BB lost last night to UNC, but that was without Greg Oden, so I guess that loss really does not matter.

-My fantasy football team did not make the playoffs. Kevin is giving us four losers a chance to earn our money back by finishing with the most points this season. I probably have no chance of winning, but who knows.

-Derek Jeter is a fag. He has his own fragrance called Driven. It has nice girly smells like oak moss and grapefruit.