I think after today I am going to change the hours I work on the weekends. Since football will be over I might as well not work such crappy shifts like 9-7, maybe work like 9-4, or 11-8. Who knows, last night Ryan’s friend told us he is hiring servers at Red Lobster. That would be cool, work there at night, and work at Hell in the mornings. Who knows though.

Football today: Ohio State vs. Michigan. The game of the century or some crap like that…wasn’t that last year (USC/Texas)? I hope Michigan beats them, but it ends up really close. I wonder how bad that will screw up the polls. What I do not understand, if this game ends up close, how can the loser drop anywhere past #2? College football needs a playoff, that is all there is to it.

Penn State should beat MSU pretty easily today. Key word there is SHOULD. The offense is so bad though who knows.

When I come home tonight I am probably going to watch the movie The Proposition. It is a western with Guy Pearce, should be really good. Maybe I will write about it, probably not though.

Anyways, this was the most pointless post ever.

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. yo husband. no, my new boyfriend is not coming to thanksgiving because I threw some cheesecake and a blowup doll into the Mon and he jumped in after it. what a loss.

    I haven’t even watched Heroes from last week yet and it’s Monday already. And I ate cookies for dinner last night. I’m falling apart over here.

  2. Yeah that would be the downfall of working there. Those shirts are GAY. I just want to get another job so I can someday snap at a customer at EatnDeath.

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