This was a pretty good weekend. Well for the most part anyways. Friday I worked 11-8. I did okay, made decent money, but then lost some of it while playing poker over at Ryan and Stef’s. It was still fun though because Offord came back up to town and we got to hang out. Sometimes I really hate playing poker with Adam though. He beat me on a couple of hands, and it was actually good playing on both of our parts, but he did beat others by just catching cards on the river, and by calling large bets when he had absolutely nothing. Oh well, I am not going to bitch about how his play can get annoying.

Saturday I worked 9-7, which really sucked since I got to sleep around 4:30. Work sucked. First because I was stuck in smoking and made no money, then I was thrown into section one, which is usually the geriatric section. What really sucked was the people I had to work with over dinner. Ryan and I (the two best servers on during that time) were stuck in small sections, while crappy servers were in the bigger ones. These morons all went under and were screaming and complaining about being super busy. I still made almost $55 in two and a half hours, which is not bad, but I only had $30 from the entire time before dinner.

After work, Stef said she would call me and we would go to Chili’s to drink and split something to eat and visit Kacie. I knew Stef was probably asleep, so I decided to just go on over. She ended up coming over at 11:30, and the three of us left there and went to the Arena. She and Kacie ate chicken wraps and I drank. I only had one pitcher, and a few drafts over at Chili’s, but it was still a good time.

Kacie and I came back and watched a little TV, then decided to break in the bathroom, which is pretty much the only area of our tiny apartment that we have not done dirty deeds, if you know what I mean.

Once finished, we watched the Cable Guy. Kacie had never seen it. She liked it, but was creeped out and somewhat amazed by Jim Carey’s performance.

I ended up getting to bed around seven a.m. Woke up around 3 and made sure Kacie got to work. Unfortunately I fell back asleep and did not wake up until 7 p.m. When I woke up I watched Sportscenter, and then the Simpsons/American Dad/Family Guy/War at Home. Favorite line of the night comes from Lois, “I am like that lady in Texas who tried to drown her baby and made him retarded after holding him under too long. Damn you Barbara Bush.” Kacie came home and we watched Just Friends on HBO and Real Time With Bill Mahr. She then went to bed and now I am just chilling here, writing and watching LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Well there you have it, my fun and exciting weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. i miss poker night. over here people either have different work schedules or live too far apart for there to ever be consistent poker goings on. like this weekend i might be headin up to connecticut just to get a game goin. ah well.

    and i miss hbo too. i guess thats an easier problem to remedy though…

    hows the new gm comin? im not sure ive heard since theyve started, if im even remembering that correctly and becky isnt there anymore.

  2. We actually never play anymore. Adam plays free poker, which gets old after awhile. Plus he tries to play too much like you, being silly and seeing every flop, but you still played smart, that was just part of your game, ya know?

    The new GM is, well, she kind of sucks. She has a really dry sense of humor though, which is kind of amusing.

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