This special Thanksgiving post is about a comic I read last night, Wolverine #48. The story was written by Marc Guggenheim with pencils by Humberto Ramos. The story was pretty cool, it dealt with Logan’s near-death experiences. How everytime he gets blown up, his soul starts to go toward the light, but he is always compelled to return.

I should say this book is worth picking up for Ramos’ art. He has come such a long way since his days on Impulse and Spectacular Spider-Man. He has a bit of a cartoony feel, but makes it work with the utter brutality of Wolverine’s character. It was also an interesting take on how Wolverine deals with trauma.

Anyways, he finishes retelling his story, and it ends up it was with some chick from Atlantis who he just slept with. He knows why he never goes to the light, but as he leaves it, that is another secret he will keep to himself. It definitely made me want to continue reading the book, which I will since Kenny keeps buying it.

Happy Thanksgiving, I will stop forcing comics down your throats now.