World Series Thoughts

Baseball season is over, although for me it was pretty much over at the end of April because the Pirates were playing that bad. I really wanted to see the Tigers beat the Cards, but it did not happen, so oh well.

If any of you have read Firejoemorgan, you probably noticed many of the David Eckstein articles they have made fun of. Most of the articles are terrible and say basically the same thing. What is funny to me though, is he wins the WS MVP, yet during the WS was not the best player on his team. Scott Rolen hit much better than Eck, as did Yadier Molina. If you are going to give it to someone, I would say give it to Molina, since he hit so much better during the entire playoffs, and kept it going through the WS, in comparison to how he hit during the regular season. Eckstein pretty much hit about the same as he did all year, nothing spectacular, and nothing that would make him the most valued player on your team.

Anyways, no more baseball talk from me for awhile. Hopefully the Pirates will do something productive this offseason.