Christmas Presents

I figured you guys could use some help with my Christmas presents this year. Here is a nice list of things I want.

-Superman Boxset, but I think Kacie is getting it for me.
-Absolute Watchmen or Absolute Kingdom Come, both are $75, but they are extremely sexy.
-Surround Sound, my mom is getting me that, anyone have a suggestion on which one I should get?
-24 season 5 boxset
-Arrested Development Seasons 1 and 3, I have season 2
-Here are some comics I’d like, not all, but a few:
-Torso by Brian Michael Bendis
-Jinx, also by BMB
-Bone: One Volume Collection
-Ghost World by Daniel Clowes
-I will list more later
-Later is now!!
-Daredevil: Yellow
-Death: The High Cost of Living
-Stardust by Neil Gaiman
-George R.R. Martin’s books, A Song of Fire and Ice series.

-The Steelers reebok hoodie, the one from the commercial…size medium
-Some clothes, I wear medium shirts, I’d prefer some nicer shirts, not just t-shirts…

Also, I could use some ideas for Kacie and my brother.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. Heh – $50 of my Christmas bonus just went towards liquor.

    Definately splurge on the George R.R. Martin books though. The first three were incredible. Fourth was less so.

    And I’m up to page 369 in Eragon. 🙂

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