Comic of the Week: Ex Machina #25

I am going to steal this idea from the DC Universe, but I probably will not do one every week, since most of you who read my blog, do not read comics.

Anyways, Ex Machina is a story of a man, who becomes a superhero, but realizes that he is not doing enough good and decides to forsake his costumed identity and become the mayor of New York.

The book is written by Brian K. Vaughn and is easily one of the best titles written. What makes this issue so special is that it focuses on Bradbury, the Mayors friend and bodyguard.

It begins with Bradbury having an assassin put a gun to his head and basically tell him he will shoot him so he can get to Mayor Hundred. Bradbury’s life begins to flash before him, and we see what motivates him. He believes in Hundred, not because he owes him anything or because he is his sidekick, but instead, he is his friend.

Anyways, if you wanted to get into this award-winning book, this would be a great issue to jump on at.

Favorite Line:
“Which is why he called his buddies in the CIA, FBI, NSA, NYPD, and more acronyms than a bowl of fucking alphabet soup…”

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