Heroes Part Eleven

Damn it! Why do I have to wait until January 22nd??? I am not planning on making this post as long as the previous ones.

We learned that Mr. Bennett is pretty much a dick. Claire admits her powers to him and he in turn admits knowing long before she does. He erases her brothers memory and Zach’s memory. That was by far one of the sadder moments in the show, Zach no longer remembering their newfound friendship. Mr. Bennett also uses the Haitian at the police station when they are interviewed by Matt and Audrey. The Haitian’s power seems to be blocking out different mind powers.

Matt’s encounter with Peter was interesting, but definitely not what I had expected. Peter pretty much was freaked out and did not seem to understand what was happening. Claire came to visit Peter, and I think we can see a definite spark between them. She learned that he also has powers, and that he did not know he could heal when he fell. She tells him that he is her hero.

Nathan helps get Peter out of jail, and like always acts like a jerk to Peter. Peter explains his powers to Nathan and then he collapses, which during the entire episode Peter looked like he was going to pass out. Peter has a vision, and it is he who destroys the city, he was the guy in Isaac’s painting of a guy going up in flames. I have a theory about that, but it will have to be in a little bit.

Eden comes to Isaac and tells him that she is leaving, she gives him a phone, and with it he gets ahold of Hiro. They meet in Texas and Isaac immediately believes Hiro because of the comic book he brought from the future. Isaac realizes he can paint the future when not on heroin and begins painting.

Mohinder arrives in NYC and gets a call from Eden, she says she lied to him and needs to explain everything to him. She then goes to Sylar and uses her power to make him try and kill himself, but he destroys the glass and grabs her. Instead of shooting him, which he says will not work on him, she shoots herself, ending the life of my favorite hottie on the show.

I will not even bother mentioning DL/Micah/Jessica. They were not interesting.

Claire calls her dad and explains that everyone had their minds erased. He says he will be there right away and then the Haitian walked in and told her that he was supposed to erase her memory. That he erased her mother’s mind all the time, but that he was not going to erase Claire’s and that she would have to keep a secret. So the Haitian has his own agenda, doesn’t everyone these days?

One of the other cute moments in the show was when Audrey and Matt were on the stakeout and she thinks he is kind of cute. They joke about it, but then they see Mr. Bennett and the Haitian coming out of the building, and Matt tries to hear their thoughts. He concentrates like mad and his nose starts to bleed, but he hears one word: Sylar.

So anyways, here are some of my theories: Peter at some point, will come into contact with Teddy Sprague, or someone with a similar power. As we have seen, it is hard for Peter to control his new powers, and he could inadvertently destroy the city.

Sylar is out and really pissed off. He pretty much hates Mr. Bennett, especially after Mr. Bennett constantly taunted him. Sylar is going to go after Claire and hopefully Peter will be there to protect her.

Well that is all this week, let me know what you thought, we have a few weeks to discuss it. This blog will pretty much suck without Lost and Heroes for awhile.

10 thoughts on “Heroes Part Eleven

  1. Umm…this episode was great.

    I agree on the Niki thing….not even worth mentioning. I realize that the show requires some imagination but having Jessica hunt Micah down in the woods and then magically turn back into Niki was just dumb. Apparently Jessica can track things like a dog, in addition to having a powerful right hook. ‘Tardy.

    I think when Matt is trying to read Peter’s mind, Peter kind of can guess what’s going on but he didn’t want to say anything in front of that ugly girl cop. I feel like there was too much going on and he didn’t put it all together because he was trying not to pass out, and he’s never mentioned having powers to anyone aside from Nathan. And he kept coughing. Maybe when he fell, he didn’t heal completely.

    Mr. Bennett is a dick. I think they tried to get us to change our minds about him and consider him “good” because everything he was doing was to protect Claire. But now—diiiiiick. I wonder if erasing his wife’s memory so many times is what made her dumb enough to make out with her dog in every episode she’s in.

    I don’t understand why Peter has to blow up. Why do they have to kill the cutest guy on the show?

    The Haitian finally spoke. I thought that was interesting. So perhaps he is part bad and part good. Isn’t everyone though? Is that going to make Claire’s dad turn on her then?

    So…I find it odd that Sylar couldn’t break the glass through the entire episode until Eden came into the room. If Mr. Bennett doesn’t even have powers, then what was stopping Sylar?

    I didn’t really understand the end either. Peter blows up and THEN is shown running down the street through what looks like the aftermath of the bomb? I mean, nothing was destroyed, but cars had been abandoned like people had gotten out and run from something. So it looked like something happened, before the bomb exploded? Then Claire runs over to Peter and runs away. Is it Jan. 22nd yet??

  2. Offord said…

    BTW, the first comment was mine.

    As to what Allison said, I think Sylar was just waiting for the opportunity to get Eden’s mind. He probably knew the best chance was to surprise her like he did, luckily for the world she took the courageous way out. I still am pissed they havn’t showed radioactive man in a while, because he obviously becomes the focus of the show in the future. Peter must try to stop him from blowing up and in turn absorb his power and is not able to control it? Maybe the streets are cleared because Sprague was going to blow up and peter tried to stop him…I don’t know, just a theory. Was it just me or was there a thing between Peter and Claire…I mean, there’s a bit of an age difference there.

    This haitian guy…needs a name. He must be getting pretty pissed off that everyone keeps calling him that. He should have a cool hero name like ‘the eraser’, or ‘evanescence’..well that’s a bit girly, but still cool.



    I have a feeling that Charlie’s power was important for Sylar to have, but I havn’t figured out exactly how he’d use it.

    Hopefully the Niki saga will end soon since she’s going to jail for multiple murders…when is their tale going to connect with everything else, so far they have had minimal interaction and importance with the story line. All I can think of is that it’s the backstory for Micah, who will become important in the future.

    btw, I thought Eden was a million times hotter with long hair; without it, she was only so so, I don’t see your attraction to her.

    Seems like the FBI has enough on Mr. Bennett now to bring him in, I wonder if that will happen, and did you notice that Bennett said his ‘boss’ didn’t want Sylar dead? Linderman? Probably, he’s invovled with everything. So why? and who is he? I really have no idea, any theories? It has to be something way out there, something that would shock everyone since they’ve been building it up for so long. My few theories include Niki’s dad, Sylar’s dad, Mohinder’s dad, God, the principal from breakfast club, Mr. Petrelli, and (insert name here please). Maybe it’s just a new hero with some kind of omnipotent power, but I think it’s more likely that it’s somehow Mohinder’s dad because he knows about many of their powers, and help’s to bring them all together…That probably makes no sense because I don’t remember how he died…Whomever it is, he wanted that painting of Peter dying, perhaps to stop him from stopping Sylar, so he could be a bad guy…ugh I have no idea, my brain hurts.

    Anyways, we have plenty of time to throw theories out there before the 22nd, which will be a long and arduous wait…

  3. Allison…That is one of the downsides with Peter’s powers, he does not know how to control his newfound abilities. And he has mentioned to other people, Isaac knows, Simone knows, Ando (Hiro indirectly), Mohinder. Peter has no problem talkin’ about his powers.

    I like the idea that Sylar was waiting for Eden to break himself out, but it could be more than that. We do not know what the Haitian’s powers are. We know he puts a mental wall up, and can somehow either project that to others around him, or his power negates other powers. Both would explain why Sylar could not break out because when Mr. Bennett was talking to him, the Haitian was nearby, either negating his power, or blocking his telekinesis.

    I really do not know what to make about the picture of Hiro fighting a dinosaur. Maybe he will teleport to the Lost island and fight the smoke monster while he is at it.

    I do not think Mr. Bennett has much to fear from the FBI. Mr. Linderman is connected, but he is not Mohinder’s dad. Maybe he is Peter/Nathan’s dad, but Nathan never said anything about how no one knew who Mr. Linderman was…

    Personally it sounds like Linderman is a mob boss. He has an interest in the heroes, but that is something that will need to be revealed.

    if you guys go to comicbookresources.com, there is another interview with the writers.

  4. Offord said…

    So what about Mr. Bennett’s boss? If it is Linderman, I doubt he is merely a mob boss.

    I was pretty much joking about my ideas for who he was, but I find it hard to believe it will turn out to just be a random guy.

  5. I’m pretty sure that Nathan said in the last episode that Linderman was in the mob. I think there was something going on between Linderman and the Petrelli’s dad, business-wise, because remember when Peter was going to take the stand against his father in regards to something with Linderman, Nathan showed up and said their dad had a heart attack and died.

    I know Peter can’t control his powers, and has talked about his powers before, but to people that also had powers (with the exception of Simone, but they were doin’ it and Peter squealed secrets like a girl). I was just thinking that it was kind of obvious that Audrey didn’t know what was going on and that’s why Peter didn’t want to bring his powers up in front of her even though it was kind of obvious that Matt had them. Plus I was thinking that on some level, getting arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, and thinking you didn’t save the cheerleader and therefore didn’t save the world, would make him a little flustered when he was being questioned.

    I guess I also didn’t realize that the Haitian was around every time Mr. Bennett went to see Sylar. I shall never iron and watch Heroes at the same time again.

    Dude, Linderman is not the principle from the Breakfast Club. no way. Don’t mess with the bull.

  6. I wonder if when Peter was mimicking Matt’s power, if he also inherited whatever Mr. Bennett did to Matt. Peter started getting the headaches as well, and I am sure that whatever Mr. Bennett did to Matt made the powers weaken…

  7. i’ve gotta say, this episode was pretty sweet. so sweet that i can’t be held responsible for the following prose, which will most likely be comparable to a incoherent rant. you have been warned…

    first things first. people need to stop hating on the “niki saga”. sure, her storyline has nothing to do with the whole “save the cheerleader” schtick that everyone else is wrapped up in. sure, her “powers” are still highly debateable, if they’re really even powers at all, not just instances of her getting all “retard strong”. but, like has been brought up in the past, me and my bro’s still maintain theres a slim chance jessica may become a tangible projection, at which point she would immediately engage in some sort of sexual act with niki thatll resemble a m.c. escher drawing, at which point dl will use his phasing ability while entering one of them from behind, passing through one orifice and into another, thereby simultaneously engaging in intercourse and being fellated. that in and of itself makes her storyline worthwhile.

    i’m pretty sure sylar couldve gotten out of his confines any time he wanted to, simply choosing to stay in order to find out what his captors knew, with full confidence that they werent a threat to him. even so, i dont think eden should have taken him up on his word when he said the gun wouldnt hurt him. pull the trigger once at his temple, then if that doesnt work, off yourself. whats the worst that could happen? i mean, even agents can get shot if youre close enough.

    speaking of eden, i think back in october we were talkin about how she was in brick and i said i had had it for months and never seen it. well it was forgotten again. but after watching the cinematic flawlessness that is waist deep, ive been on a meagan good kick pretty hardcore. while on my quest to view her entire catalogue, i came upon brick once again. this time i actually popped it in. go me!

    *runs away*

  8. Gideon…after what you said about DL getting to have the craziest sex ever, I will now look forward to more Niki. Although, I am a fan of Niki, since Ali Larter is superhot.

    I also agree that it seems that Sylar was biding his time, although, if you read the webcomics on NBC, after Eden kills herself, guards come and tranq Sylar, so he did not get out, which is something interesting to figure out…

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