Smallville Is Gonna Rock

So the last few weeks of Smallville have been pretty boring. Usually the only thing that gets me excited are the endings which show how evil Lex is becoming, or has already become.

Tonight’s episode was horrible. It was about illegal immigrants and how Clark cannot solve the world’s problems, blah blah blah. But, the ending was where it was at. There was a preview of upcoming weeks, Green Arrow telling Clark that Lex is assembling an army, and they need one of their own. We see Vic Stone, Bart Allen, and Arthur Curry rejoining with Clark and his new partner Oliver Queen to form what will be the first Justice League in Smallville! Oddly enough, not a team I would have expected, Cyborg, Impulse (although he is now Flash), and Aquaman.

What would be awesome, is if the end of the season ends with the massive battle we all expect, and then as someone says different corporations are dismantling LuthorCorp, a jet lands and a cocky young man gets out and says hi to Ollie, and Ollie looks back and says, “hi Bruce.” That could finally be our first introduction to Bruce Wayne…okay wow, I am great at writing an awesome ending to this season.

Anyways, I know none of you will care about this, but I am excited.