Weekend WrapUp

Did anything happen this weekend? I honestly cannot think of anything. Well work pretty much sucked. I made some good money, but we were on too many servers and everyone was kind of cranky.

Last night Kacie and I went over to Allen Street Grille after she finished up at Chili’s. She and I had some drinks, and I even tried some wine, eh still not sold on wine yet.

Today I went out and bought a suit for my grandmother’s funeral. I guess she has a few weeks to live and Mom wanted me to get a suit. I will try to put it on and toss a picture up on here of it, it definitely looks sweet.

This weekend was a sports nightmare. Nothing to really watch, oh wait the Cowboys got destroyed, so that was great. Especially since Ashley at work is a big Dallas fan, and by big, I mean one of those fans who knows nothing about sports and just says random stupid things.

This coming week should be crappy for TV. No Heroes, no Lost, just Smallville, but I may start TiVoing House and Bones. I doubt I will write about them.