24: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

The show began with Jack telling Bill that he wanted back in after seeing the nuke go off in Valencia. Damn though, everything that happened in this episode made my head spin, I can’t imagine what it is doing to Jack.

First we get the shock that Jack’s father has a connection to the Russian General who sold Fayyad the nukes. Then, before that could sink in, the shady guy from last season, who was behind President Logan’s antics, is actually Jack’s brother, Graham.

Jack goes over to Graham’s house and they talk for a bit, Graham is trying to play everything off, but Jack is not buying it. Jack knocks him out then ties him to a chair and proceeds to suffocate him.

Did anyone else think that President Palmer’s speech at the end started off a bit weird? “There is no easy way to say…”

It is funny how this show is becoming like a soap opera. What will happen next season? Will Kim come back and turn out to be a terrorist who has taken over the country of Sweden and declared war on LA? Don’t get me wrong, I love all these little twists and turns, but it is funny how all these terrorists have some connection to Jack.

Also, I have given the idea of whether or not the producers should have went with another nuke story and have decided that nuclear weapons are really scary. Especially ones like these suitcase nukes. It may seem like there should be some kind of new weapon we need to worry about, but come on, sometimes the old ones work the best.

Look at our current state of the world, every country seems to be getting into another nuclear arms race. I recently read that Jordan and Egypt want to develop their own, in order to keep up with/protect themselves from Iran. I used to joke with my uncle that the UN should take all the nukes, and give each country one….

Anyways, I am getting way off track here.
Jack killed no one, but tortured his own brother. Next week we see him almost getting killed by one of his Dad’s henchmen. I have no clue what my kill count guess is yet, I will let everyone know soon.