24: 8:00-10:00 a.m.

A suitcase nuke goes off in LA. Jack shoots Curtis, was he dead? If so then Kacie was again right with her guess of 1.

Jack says he is quitting, but after seeing the nuke go off, I believe his resolve to stop the terrorists will be stronger than ever. It was sad to see that Kal Penn’s character died and was not really in the show all that much.

We also learned that there may be 4 more suitcase bombs, which Fayyad will be able to set off anywhere he wants. Unfortunately his nuclear scientist buddy died in the explosion.

I love Wayne Palmer as President. His staff is great, especially Tom, who we all want to believe is somehow involved in the terrorist plot, but I will guarantee that he is not. In fact, I bet no one on his staff will have a connection. It seems like they did that story line to death last year, and will need to go a new direction. But, then again, I could be wrong.

Next week kill count: 2, god let me be right…
Kacie: 0. she has been right every time so far…

6 thoughts on “24: 8:00-10:00 a.m.

  1. Kacie said “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” which ten seconds after, Karen said the same thing on the show, but only once.

    Would you want to live in the LA depicted on this show? Isn’t this like the third nuke that has went off? or wasn’t there a nuclear power plant that terrorists set off that killed Edgar’s mother, plus the nuclear bomb that George Mason had to drop in the desert…yeah, i will never live in LA if that’s what its like…

    as a computer guy, how do you feel about how the CTU people are on the show? how good of computer people are they? is that a job you would want? i just ask because to me it is basically like scientific mumbo-jumbo. i can do some things on computers, but nothing like what they, or even you do. but then again, i have talents that you’d probably find a little amazing as well, or maybe not, haha.

  2. Who knows what the heck it is they’re doing on those computers. I write programs, which they’re certainly not doing. Filter what files? How? It’s the type of talk that’s specific to the shop you’re working in. There are a half dozen terms we use where I work that would be meaningless to other programmers – not because they’re dumb, but because they’re specific to where I work.

  3. haha, yeah i guess i can understand that. if i ran CTU i would definitely just yell things like “i need those files filtered and a socket opened up ASAP!”

    and then i’d call jack and be like “dude, just do whatever you want, cuz you are always right.”

  4. I was up and down about the premiere. There were some parts that were awesome, and some that were less than awesome and/or annoying. Most of the latter moments involved Chloe’s “love triangle” of sorts. Now, Chloe is one of my favorite characters on the show, but I absolutely detest her boyfriend at the moment. Pretty much seems like a tool to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working in the corporate world for some time now and know that that sort of constant insubordination would in no way be tolerated in the workplace. Maybe it’s because I’m secretly in love with Chloe. Who knows.

    I’m glad my prediction of a kinder, gentler Jack came to pass (although it was more like a broken, victimized Jack); but hey, either way I was more right than wrong. And going into this season I didn’t know what else they could possibly do to the citizens of L.A. to top whats already been done in seasons past. Setting off a nuke in Inglewood pretty much does the job. I’m not sure either why people still live in 24’s version of LA. I would’ve been gone ages ago.

    I miss Tony :-/

  5. gideon…yeah, i miss tony and michelle. they definitely became my favorite characters over the years, especially tony.

    what do you think jack’s kill count will for next week?

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