24: Day 6 Preview

Well everyone, the new season of 24 is about to start and I am pretty pumped, as I am sure most of you are.

First, I have to ask, did everyone see the prequel which was included with Season Five? It basically focuses on Jack’s torture in China and how they played mind games with him.

The real question is how does Jack escape from the Chinese? And once he finally does, my god who will he kill first? I bet he kills at least 4.2 million Chinese army people. And then treks across the Middle East, killing Osama, the dude from Iran, hell maybe even whatever crazy terrorists live in Europe. Once in Europe, he will track down Jason Bourne. It will be an awesome fight, but obviously Jack will win, and torture him to the point that Jason remembers everything.

Okay, so that probably will not happen, but it will be close. Anyways, I have heard that when he returns to the US, terrorist attacks have happened all over America, I do not know how true that is, but I wonder if we will be in a near-police state?

Anyways, I want to hear your thoughts, and like Heroes and Lost, I will be writing about the show afterwards. I think I will also include a kill prediction/kill count. I want everyone to predict how many people Jack will kill, and then we will see who wins. We will see who wins at the end of the year.

For the Two-Hour Premiere on Sunday, my kill count prediction for Jack is: 4

6 thoughts on “24: Day 6 Preview

  1. I’m pretty stoked about the coming season as well. I havent had the fortune of seeing the prequel footage, but I’ll just assume that its awesome.

    This past fall has been pretty busy for me. I had planned on finally getting around to seeing season 3. I guess itll have to wait till after this seasons done.

    and im predicting jacks kill count for sunday premier will be 2. yeah, doesnt sound like a lot for a 2 hour episode, but maybe his time in china has changed him into a kinder, gentler super agent. maybe he’s all zen now and itll take a lot for the ol’ jack to come out. but i cant even think of another national crisis that america could face that he hasnt already averted.

  2. hi guys. its jason. i’m going to say jack kills 6 people… if i were jack, i’d be pretty pissed at the world when i came back! later!

  3. Offord…

    I don’t watch the show…yet, but Bill Simmons does:

    ‘The pick (in body counts): Jack Bauer 23, The Chinese 0.’

    He stole your idea! I’m not sure if the 23 is all season or for the premiere, seemed like it’s premiere by context.

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