Civil War Predictions

Since TV is really worthless at the moment, I figured now would be a good time to write about what I think will happen in Marvel’s Civil War. I doubt that any of you who read this actually read comics, but what the hell, I am bored.

I believe the ProReg side will win out over Cap’s AntiReg group. Even if Captain America could somehow defeat Iron Man’s team, that does not mean the US government would just reverse the law.

Where will that leave our characters? I believe that Captain America will take up the guise of Ronan. Last time we saw Echo she was wearing the Ronan outfit, and Brian Michael Bendis has hinted in Wizard that Cap may feel like a masterless samurai and that Ronan will make a return.

This also fits into why Spider-Man will again be wearing a black costume. This makes sense since everyone knows he is Peter Parker, he will need to be more covert.

Iron Man is a tough character to predict. Has Tony Stark been manipulating events to lead up to Registration to benefit his company? Maybe he will die at the end of Civil War, but somehow I doubt it. I could see him realizing the error of his way of thinking, and end up sacrificing himself, or even faking his death…

The real Thor will return, and lend his support to Cap. Or he will just use his power to destroy Tony, since he is probably a little pissed that Tony and Reed tried to clone a god.

After Civil War, Hulk will return to Earth, and I am pretty sure he is going to be pissed off. It seems that Tony will have more than one megapowered enemy to worry about.

Plus, will Black Panther and Namor lead their nations to war against the US? The Inhumans will probably attack the US, so yeah, our country could be in for some tough times.

I wonder how the Fifty-State Initiative will work out for Tony. Does he really want to have a superteam in every state? If so, that is dumb. How many threats does Idaho really get? Also, if you are going to build a giant prison in the Negative Zone, why would you use it to incarcerate super-heroes who will not register? Wouldn’t it make more sense to throw all the really dangerous villains in there?

I also believe that Cap’s plan to try and bust out many of the superheroes will work, but that is where the main battle will fall.

Well that is all I have for now.