Here is the problem. I did not realize that 24 and Heroes were on at the same time. Anyways, I will watch 24 tonight and probably post about it. Tomorrow afternoon I will watch Heroes and then post about it. Does that sound acceptable to everyone? I know, your lives are greatly affected and I apologize for being too poor to buy the TiVoPlus service, blah blah blah…

2 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. I almost blogged about this same conundrum. Viva la TiVo!

    Note: if you ever get TiVo, do not get it through DirecTV. They strip out all the best features

  2. Yeah, I love TiVo, what i really need to get is a second tv, my old one broke and i need for in the bedroom, that way i could have watched heroes while recording 24…anyways i watched heroes today, so i guess there is no harm. Plus SciFi reairs heroes on fridays, which i could record…

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