Heroes Part Twelve

Thank you JEEBUS!!!

The show starts out with Peter in a coma, and Nathan and his mother by his bedside. Nathan talks with Simone and wants to meet Isaac to find out who this guy is that caused his brother to head out to Texas to save a cheerleader, and what did Peter mean when he told Nathan that he was actually the bomb.

Hiro and Ando decide to steal the sword from a museum in NYC. Unfortunately Hiro’s powers are not working so well, but he believes if he steals the sword it will amplify his powers because the sword’s original owner was wild and out of control until he came across the sword. Ando points out that the characters on the handle mean godsend and unique gift, which as he puts it, describes Hiro’s power. I love Hiro’s explanation as to why he should steal the sword, since he needs it to save NYC, and if he doesn’t steal it the museum will be destroyed.

When Hiro uses his power, he only slows time down, so he grabs the sword and heads outside. When he unsheathes the sword, it turns out to be a fake, and guess who owns the real one? Linderman.

This is the point where Hiro and Ando go back to Isaac’s place to tell him about the sword, where the run into Nathan, or as Hiro calls him, “The Flying Man.” Nathan and Simone are both shocked to hear that the sword is owned by Linderman and Simone says she can get Hiro in to see it.

On the other side of the country, Claire is coming to grips with faking her lack of memory. She has a conversation with her dad, and as she walks away you can see the disdain she now feels for him. Later she tries to talk to Zak, but he does not remember anything.

Claire then meets with the Haitian, and he tells her that her powers are god’s and she should not take them lightly. He also tells her that she cannot see Peter because that would raise her dad’s suspicions. What is the Haitian playing at? Why is he helping Claire, is he going to start helping the rest of the Heroes?

We see a scene of Ted Sprague out in the Nevada desert testing his powers, and he is becoming quite good with them. One of the funny things about comic books is that whenever someone gets superpowers, there is not much time where they absolutely suck with their powers. I know some of you would argue about books like X-Men or any others, but really, even those books, it’s not a long period where the hero cannot control his/her powers. I love that in this show, we are in 12 episodes and yet most of them still cannot control them, or at least it seems that way…

Well it is time to mention the continuing saga of DL/Micah/Jessica/Nikki. J/N is in jail. Obviously J has started beating on guards, which causes N to have problems. The end scene of Jessica breaking the guards nightstick was kind of cool, I wonder how powerful she is? And I wonder what the hell is up with her. Did Nikki absorb Jessica, her sister? Who knows, I really want this story to pick up, or that will be the point when I get a drink or piss during the show.

And now, to what I think was the coolest of all. Peter waking up. He dreams about the explosion again, this time gets a few more details, especially of a new guy stealing wallets. He wakes up and leaves the hospital, I love how his mother is such a selfish bitch that all she can think about is how she spent all that time in the hospital worrying, and he just leaves.

He is trying to get a flight to Nevada, to wherever they used to set off nukes (maybe Jack Bauer will have to stop to Peter from becoming a nuclear bomb in LA…) and he notices the guy from his dream stealing wallets. Peter goes up to him, and the guy freaks out that Peter can see him. He slams Peter into a wall and starts choking him. Then the camera pans back and we can see that both of them are invisible.

From what I have read in interviews with Christopher Eccleston he will be playing Peter’s mentor, sort of his Yoda. He declined the role as a villain because he hates the cliche European bad guy. Anyways, some of you may know him from 28 Days Later, he was the Major, or from the show Dr. Who.

Does anyone think Mohinder will eventually join Mr. Bennett, or will Mohinder try to get into contact with someone like Peter. How soon before Claire escapes from her Dad and goes to NYC???

Anyways, let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Heroes Part Twelve

  1. I also thought Hiro’s reasoning on why he should be able to steal the sword was awesome. So were the sound effects he made when talking to Nathan (“The Flying man, shhhhhhhhhwwwwwww!” “Could you keep it down?!?” “shhww”). haha… I was so excited to see Hiro actually fight a dinosaur, but, as it turned out, it was just him standing in front of one in the museum. Oh well.

    I’m happy we found out the origin of that symbol and what it means. I’m guessing Niki/Jessica has a tattoo of it because she knows what it means through Linderman, or maybe Jessica considers herself a Godsend, something like that. I don’t really care. I don’t like her, DL, or Micah.

    I don’t know when, but at some point, weren’t people saying Zak’s probably gay on here?? I don’t feel like going back through and reading everything, but I’m pretty sure there was a post that talked about it, and I disagreed. Well, if that did happen, or if I just imagined it, I still don’t think he’s gay. I think something will happen between him and Claire. Part of me thinks that her and Peter will get together, though, for some reason, eventhough it seems like a big age difference. But anyway, this is Heroes, not Days of our Lives. I don’t know why the Haitian is helping her. Maybe he feels bad for her for not knowing her parents, for her dad lying to her and erasing everyone around her’s memories, for her friend getting murdered, for her almost getting raped, and so on and so on. I felt bad for Parkman when they went into the paper factory and found nothing. I got a weird feeling that his boss was either bad or had her mind controlled, because Parkman has proved he can read minds. I feel like anyone would believe a guy who had that ability, ya know? Sometimes I get sick of Mr. Bennett acting tough, but I also wonder if he actually has a power, and they’re just waiting to show it..?

    Question: Did they show them catch Sylar after he escaped and killed Eden? If so, I don’t remember.

    Josh, you said the “Invisible Man” will become Peter’s mentor? What’s he gonna teach him? The art of pick-pocketing? If his only power is invisibility, what could he teach a guy with mimic powers?

    Finally… when Mohinder and Mr. Bennett were talking, I was waiting for Mo’ to steal Mr. B’s gun with his mind, kinda like a Jedi would, but it never happened. We still don’t know if he has powers or not. Mr. Bennett asked something like, “…or is it because your name is on that list?” so who knows. As for making a prediction on what Mohindogg will do, I have no idea. I’m not even gonna bother trying to figure it out…

    Instead, I’m gonna start concentrating on my Oscar predictions.

  2. I do not think Mohinder will have powers. Remember, he did not really believe his dad about the whole powers thing at first…

    I guess if you read the online comic they do each week, that was where they told the story of Syler being recaptured. I have heard that they are going to print them, and if they do, i will buy them.

    yeah, he becomes his mentor, not so much on specifics, but more how to control his power. i think he will teach peter how to be able to use his power when he wants to and which people to take powers from. i also believe that Invisible Man has had his powers for awhile longer than Peter, and therefore is able to control them much easier…

  3. Offord:

    Okay, so I just saw a Heroes update on E!, and they said that 1. Matt’s wife is pregnant (real life and show), 2. Zak was supposed to be gay but they are making him straight so he and Claire can hook up, and 3. there are apparently other gay characters that havn’t been identified yet. That’s all I have for now, I think everything else has been said.

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