Sounds like a really bad name for a soft drink. NuFamily, brought to you by the makers of such great energy drinks like FuxSaLot and InstaShit. Also with absolutely 0 grams of fat!!!

Sorry, I went a little crazy for a second. I do not know how many of you have been following the comments under my Crazy Cults post, but let me just say it has gotten out of control. It got me to thinking about who and what family really is. I have come to think of certain people as my family, hence the term NuFamily.

Obviously I consider my mom, my dad, Adam, and most of my family as part of it, but what about the other people. The ones who are really there for me? You know who you are.

So without further adieu, I would like to thank and let them know how much I care for them, and how much they have helped me and whatnot.

Kacie, Allison, Gideon, James, Imler, Offord, Stef, Darby, Ryan, KFD, Tami, T-Bone, Kenny…the list could go on forever, but anyways, if I forgot anyone, it’s either because you are the blacksheep of this NuFamily or I am retarded.

One last thing, if anyone wants a copy of this picture, give me your address and I will send it to you, all you have to pay is shipping and handling of $11.25. Euros are not accepted. Sorry.

12 thoughts on “NuFamily

  1. Great picture! I would love to have a copy . Heck I’ll even send a stamped envelope so you can send it to me. Love you both

  2. I don’t want a copy of this picture (no offense) but I will get all feelings-y and tell you that I seriously miss you and I miss talking to you and constantly hanging out with you and knowing what’s going on in your life and working with you and eating G-Dizzle Casserizzle with you (even though it never happened but we talked about it a lot) and getting water thrown on me because I fell asleep during Logan’s Run and making fun of Michael with you and having trays thrown at me (well, not really) and going to the movies and all that other good stuff.

    do you live in Pittsburgh yet?

  3. awe, yeah i miss you too. hopefully someday i can move down to pittsburgh. or i can move to hawaii, and you can come out there. whichever works…

  4. I don’t utilize pictures nearly as much as I should. I have tons of shots from the sc days, but they’re all in albums in unidentified parts of my apartment. I really should reminisce more often. Wait a second, no I shouldn’t. If I did that I might work myself up into a state wherein I schedule an impromptu adventure into good ol’ PA. I’m not sure 2007 is ready for that quite yet. Then again, maybe I should take a coupla road trips. I’m overdue for a visit if you take my “1 trip per season” pledge into account. Hmmmm…

    Either way, its good to be a member of the fam. But honestly CT, how do you fall asleep during Logan’s Run? You better had just been getting in after wrestling 17 toddlers that don’t feel pain. Otherwise there’s no excuse. If you disagree, then I challenge you to fall asleep during a viewing of the Protector. If you do I’ll give you my first born. This challenge is extended to all NuFamily members that haven’t yet seen that cinematic marvel. Non members, you can have a go as well but you don’t get my first born. I do have a very nice wok I’m trying to get rid of though.

  5. I cannot remember why you call her CT, or am I just dumb…

    did you just go down my posts and comment on everything? you should, if you can make it down to the bottom and post on every one of these, i will give you a prize.

    apparently alllison does the same thing, posting about jack bauer’s crotch…

    gideon, i would like to make a trip to NYC and stay with you sometime, i think imler/james should come too…

  6. and obviously kacie, allison, karen, and last, but not least raj. Okay i was joking about raj, but gideon could always put another cigarette out on his head again.

  7. yeah, I haven’t read your blog in a while so I had to comment on some old stuff. dude, I missed the whole Crazy Cult posting fiasco. man.

    yeah, I want to go to NY too. who the fuck is karen?

    CT is a secret. or is it? his name is HT, you know. it makes even less sense than CT but it spawned CT so…..yeah.

  8. i remember you guys telling me the CT/HT thing before, but i am getting old, senility is setting in.

    karen is james’ girlfriend…

    and yeah, you should have seen how fast some of those comments were going up. well i guess if you look at the times. i would read one, go back and there would be another. it was amusing.

  9. yo.

    i’m definitely up for an nyc trip.

    i have spring break in early march, i can confirm dates this week, and we could plan to spend a few days up there…the only catch would be james would have to drive, cause by the time i get to SC i’m not going to be interested in driving.

    i’m glad to be in the fam, and since i also barely have family, you are in there too…my list would be similar, with some exceptions and additions, since i don’t know some of the people on your list.

    i jumped into the whole crazy cult discussion myself here, simply because i was astounded at the level of the argument, i was waiting for a “your mom,” but, i guess that would have been REALLY inappropriate, or maybe more likely a “i know you are but what am i?”

    i’d send you an envelope, but i’d be worried i’d get the underwear picture instead…

    so…koochtastic, you got vacation time? i could pick you up on my way through, we could go to SC, get josh and james, and take another 4.5 hour drive to BKNYC over my spring break.

    dizzle, what’s your schedulizzle?

    some good news here, some bad news. the whole mindy thing is over, file that however. my cumulative GPA is up over 3.58 now, and my last semester is at a 3.88 with one grade coming. most likely i’ll be in SC or altoona this summer, so i may be looking for couches…and you may be seeing more of me for a few months. i also may be back for a year before my next grad post, because i’m lining up a clerkship, which would be a great, but low paying opportunity.

    talk to you all soon.


  10. keebler, I do have vacation time but I can’t really use it in march. we have a “season” in which we work 10 hour days and silently plan our coworkers’ demise between march and the beginning of june. I could probably rock it later in the summer though.

    I hate my job.

    On a side note, my company has apparently not blocked Blogspot. Or they realized that they had left me with nothing and gave it back temporarily, just to tease me. Sort of like when I had an interview at Pitt 2 weeks ago and they told me, in nicer words, that I was not qualified for the job that they had called me in for.

    Dizzle, how does anyone stay awake during Logan’s Run? And what is the Protector?? I already have your firstborn, too, or have you forgotten about Master Shake? I’m tempted to say yes because I haven’t seen a check in months and I’ve been reduced to feeding him Kibbles and Bits.

  11. allison, I love that you are having a conversation with g-dizzle and keebler, and in one more post this one will be knocked from the page. i almost feel bad…

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