Smallville Rocked My World

Tonight’s episode, named “Justice” was freakin’ awesome. It starts out with Chloe calling Clark, in South America, and then having a crazy doctor pull a gun on her. We see a red blur knock the guy down and then Clark comes in and Chloe jokes about being in the nick of time. Clark says it was not him and then sees Bart Allen (Impulse) and they play a game of chase for a bit.

It turns out that Bart is working for Ollie and he has been helping gather info about project 33.1. This project is about creating a super-powered army for Lex, which Ollie wants to stop. Bart gets captured and Clark goes to confront Ollie about what he is doing. He then learns that not only is Bart helping Ollie, so is Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and Vic Stone (Cyborg).

The four of them rescue Bart and destroy Lex’s lab, but it turns out that Lex has facilities all over the world and he is creating a very large army. Ollie has to break up with Lois, which was kind of sad, but inevitable, and he takes his little JLA with him to wherever they go next. Clark turns down an offer to join them because he has to take care of the Phantom Zone escapees.

Some of my favorite lines from the episode:
“They always make fish jokes.”-Aquaman

Clark: We need to come up with a name for ourselves.
Ollie: It needs to be something with the word Justice.

Chloe discovers that the company that Ollie was using as a shell company to contact Bart has the initials JLI (Justice League International)

Clark’s codename is Boyscout

Chloe plays the role of Oracle, and even responds with the codename Watchtower, which was the name of the JLA’s moon base…

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