I have given lots of thought to the problems of the Sportscafe and have decided to help. What problems you ask? Well there is never anyone there and I am afraid it will eventually close down.

Most of you in the State College area probably do not remember when the Sportscafe was actually a busy and fun place. When I was between 21-24ish, I can remember going into the Sports and it always being crowded. Why? Because that was where everyone went after midnight. Once the Saloon or Gaff or any of the other places stopped having specials, most people just went to Sports. They had 23 oz. Amber Boch for $2.25, not a great beer, but not entirely horrible either. If you were at Saloon and talking to some chick, and she was like “oh well my friends are leaving.” You could almost guarantee seeing her at Sports.

Also when the weather is nice, people love to sit outside and enjoy a nice tasty beverage during the day. I am sure when it gets nice, people will do this once Cafe210 or Lion’s Den get too full…

Another bonus was the downstairs area. It had three pool tables, two dartboards, and a jukebox (which played mostly rock, not much rap unlike upstairs). It also featured a small bar which served a few draft beers and some shots I think.

This is also pretty much the only sports bar in downtown State College. If you want to watch sports, you have to go out to Champs or the Arena. Why would you do that? The Sportscafe is right downtown.

So why is this place never busy? Well for starters, the reason I stopped going was because when new ownership took over, they decided to make the downstairs close at 1:45, and to not have a bar down there. They also put the kibosh on 21st birthday shots. That used to be the great thing, Sports was the only bar that did not care if you did shots on your 21st birthday. Also the ownership started giving last call the same time as every other bar. If you do not know what this means, well let me explain. Bars set their clocks way ahead, so it appears much later than it is. They give last call at 2:00 a.m., then it is probably only 1:45. However, the Sports used to give last call at actual 2:00, so if you were somewhere and just heard last call, if you left and hustled over to Sports, you could probably get in 2 more drinks.

Here is my plan to change some things. First, I think they need to renovate the place. It is dark and dingy, no one wants that. Look at how popular Pickles is, it is always clean. The basement bars get away with being dirty because they have always been that way for like the last 700 years or something absurd. Fix the bathrooms, I should not feel disgusted when I go to take a piss.

Next, you are a sports bar! Let it be known. If you do not have NFL Direct Ticket or whatever it is called, GET IT. Sundays should be packed with people wearing all different team jerseys. Every freakin’ game should be on. I love going to a sports bar to watch football because my brain always feels like it is going to explode because I am being inundated with so much sports information. When baseball season comes, make sure you get a bunch of the Fox Sports channels, that way if someone wants to watch the Pirates game they can, as well as the Astros, Phillies, Mariners, and even Mets. You should have sports on every damn TV, which you have plenty of. You do not need to go buy all new plasmas or anything crazy like that, you are fine with what you got. Although, TV’s in the bathroom is always a nice touch.

Third, bring back the pool tables and bar downstairs. Let people know that you are the only other place besides Sharkeys to play pool at. Where are people going to go? Saloon? Rumors? Nope, but on this side of town you could dominate the pool player scene. Maybe have tournaments or something.

Once you have remodeled, and added lighting, which is key to this part, have a night where you have free Hold ‘Em tournaments. They seem to do well at the Arena, the Lube, Bar Blue, and even Hooters.

If you do these things, Sportscafe, you will see changes. You will see the people who now go to Pickles start coming into this “new” Sportscafe. I know I would, since I hate paying a $1-$2 cover at Pickles because they have music, not a band, not a DJ, but music…

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  1. A cover for music? That’s pretty weak, dude. If I were there I might have a thing or 2 to say about that. Then again, I’m paying $6 a beer, so who am I to talk.

    I remember when the sports calf (proper pronunciation) was a happenin spot. I was always a fan of the amber bock, and it was always a lot easier to sneak into than 210. I do remember when it began that downhill slide though, and I think your remodeling choices would serve it well. May I also suggest adding a bocce court? They’re pretty popular at the places where they are here (I’m not sure if there’s enough room in that basement though). If not that, then a monkey bartender would do wonders for sales, I guarantee it. Then again, I take that back. I want that idea to debut at my personal bar.

  2. I would love to have a monkey bartender, but I will hold that one for your bar.

    I was thinking about adding a sumo wrestling ring or cock-fighting downstairs, which do you think? And by cock-fighting, I mean a brothel.

  3. I agree with everything you said Josh, at this point though, I think the new management might be the same management that managed the Pirates for the last about 15 years. It definitely seems like they do not care about the bar at all. It seems like they fell into the trap a lot of restaurant owners fall into. If a business is successful prior to us owning it, we can buy it and not put any money back into it, and we will keep the same customers and sales. State College is too competitive not to constantly be thinking of new ideas and/or making sure you stick with what works. Neither of those things are happening at Sportscafe.

    On a side note, they need to improve their food as well. The past two times I went in for their “specials”, they were either out of them, or they were downright awful. Like the $1 nachos for example…who wants to pay even a $1 for 15 nacho chips that are soggy with lukewarm tostitos cheese from a machine? Not me and I’m guessing not a lot of people.

    Like I said though Josh, I agreed with everything you said (especially the bathroom….disgusting). Hopefully they can turn it around there. It would be a shame to see them go.

  4. Jim…yeah, the food definitely needs to change. Not too much, i love that they off crappy food for super cheap, but maybe buy better quality food and raise prices just a bit. I mean they don’t need champs prices, so $3 for good nachos would be cool. although champs does have their cheap food each night, and it is usually pretty good.

    originally i was going to say that they should change the name, which may get that negative image out of people’s minds…

    does anyone have a good idea for a new name?

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